Escobar The two tight end set has been around since Joe Gibbs implemented it, as a way to suppress Lawrence Taylor's effectiveness, but it has never been a more valuable weapon in the passing game as it is in today's NFL.

With the success of the Patriots using two tight end sets in their aerial attack, more teams are looking to create mismatches against slower linebackers or smaller defensive backs.

The Cowboys felt that Gavin Escobar was the best available tight end in the draft to add that characteristic to their offense.

While Escobar lacks the elite speed that many of the play-making tight ends in the NFL possess, he makes up with it with a natural feel for running routes.

He runs the seam extremely well and can be deceptively quick out of cuts. He excels at going up and getting the ball at its highest point which shows his basketball background. He was the purest pass catcher out of all the tight ends in the draft, as he refuses to let the ball get into his body.

Although Gavin is a good receiver, he struggles as a run blocker. This can hurt him in red zone situations as Jason Garrett may choose to use a better blocking tight end.

When Jason Garrett is successful it's because he is finding creative ways to get the ball to his play-makers. This makes Escobar valuable to him, since he has experience as a tight end with a hand down in the dirt but also as a wide receiver split out. This can lead to packages that best utilizes the skills of Witten and Escobar.

Escobar may not warrant a draft pick in your fantasy league but he is worth picking up off the waiver wire if your team is impaired with several injuries, Jason Witten is unable to play, or if Escobar earns a consistent week to week role in the Cowboys' offense.