Travis Kelce If you are a Chiefs fan, football season has been rough of late.

The Matt Cassel experiment is finally over and despite an abundance of talent, the Chiefs have wallowed in a swamp of abject failure that would make Norv Turner flinch uncontrolably.

But now it's different.

I like the Chiefs this year. Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe (when his head is right), and the newly-minted (conservative but effective) Alex Smith give hope for the men of Arrowhead, as well as a defense that I feel could suprise some people. Still, there is another piece. A player that I wanted for my Giants but landed in KC.

Travis Kelce is that player.

When I wrote an article on the best tight ends in this year's draft (2013 NFL Draft:Top 10 TE prospects), I had him third after Zach Ertz. This is wrong. After watching more tape on both dudes, I think he is better than Ertz. He is a better blocker and more dynamic with the ball in his hands.He runs angry. He blocks angry.

He only has to supplant the average Anthony Fasano and oft-injured Tony Moeaki to get real playing time. Both Ertz and Eifert have significant incumbant log jams ahed of them, occupied by talented guys. Travis doesn't have that issue. I will be taking him late in all my leagues and reap the benifits.

Kelce is a perfect fit for the KC offense. Alex smith (so far) has not proven to be a huge downfeild passer, so it is nice to have a guy like Travis running underneath as he develops a repoirte with his outside recievers. Kelce can run the kind of mismatch routes that are gold for a short, quick hit passing game.

He is too fast for a linebacker, too big for a defensive back -- sound familiar? Along with this, he is a violent in line blocker (Jamaal Charles must have cried tears of joy watching Travis pancake fools on tape) and this will keep him on the field. You have to be in the game to have impact in fantasy, and he will be on the field more often due to his superior skill set. Look at the film. You will see, if your eyes are even semi-functional gelationous orbs.

Andy Reid has seen it, the body control, the hands, the agressiveness -- and gave him the favorable comparison to one Jeremy Shocky, as he gives his qb the biggest possible target, turns his hips and gets upfield in a hurry to dumptruck unfortunate defensive backs. Reid also says he will line Kelce up wide, in the slot, in the backfield -- wherever he can find the mismatch. This is very good for you, potential Travis Kelce owner.

He probably won't be drafted in your league, unless it's a dynasty format or you have a lot of friends that understand the concept of upside.

You will be able to get him super late, and you are gonna look like a genius when you do it. We both will. I think 500+ yards and 6 TDs is a consevative estimate. The Beast is yet to come.