Mike Glennon Some thought Mike Glennon had an outside shot of being a late first round selection.

Obviously, they were wrong. 

But by slipping to the third round, where Tampa Bay and head coach Greg Schiano scooped up the North Carolina State product, he may have found the best situation he could be in. 

According to Curt Popejoy of Rantsports.com, by being drafted by the Bucs, it serves as a sign he will replace the current starter, Josh Freeman, in the Buccaneers' lineup.

"With OTAs in full swing and training camp coming up, is Glennon a real threat to win the starting job? Probably not. But that’s not to say he doesn’t have a real chance to impress," Popejoy said.

Having studied Glennon heavily the past two seasons, I can say this is exactly what he should be doing. Glennon’s deep arm has never been in question, and when it comes to his deep throws he doesn’t have anything to prove.

But the criticisms of Glennon had to do with his ability to check down, go through his reads, and take something off his throws when he needed to. It sounds like that’s just what he is doing.

Because of his pure size and strength, Glennon is surely a player most fantasy owners will look at and then decide whether he is worthy of a late round selection. He goes against everything the "new" quarterbacks of this league are about, meaning Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton.

If he is able to win the backup position this season, then there is a belief amongst scouts and myself that he can be a starter in a year or so.

He is still a work in progress. And the question needs to be asked if he is a Dan Marino-like player or does he become a player like Dan McGwire or someone with great size and no chance of making it off the bench in the NFL?

Tampa Bay's woes of late at the quarterback position and on offense give Glennon a chance to make an impact. It may not be this year, but it will be in the team's near future.