Robert Woods I guess I'll just be honest right off the bat; Robert Woods will not be someone you draft this season.

Woods has incredible talent but there are too many variables that affect his performance. He may be a great mid-season pickup but his fantasy football ranking is in the wind now.

The following are some variables that make Woods a horrible draft choice.

Funky Quarterback Situation

We're not sure who the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills will be at this point of the offseason. This matters in terms of preference, play-type, and accuracy.

Too Many Receivers

There are just too many talented receivers on this football squad. Whoever the quarterback may be, he will have tons of players to throw to which means that Woods will get less opportunities than the average No. 2 receiver. This may also mean that Woods isn't the No. 2 or three receiver when it's all said and done this season.

Mystery of Doug Marrone's offense

We still don't know what roles each position will play in Marrone's offense scheme from the OTAs. We only know that it'll be fast-paced and that EJ Manuel was a better fit in the offensive plan than Ryan Nassib or Matt Barkley.

I mentioned the quarterback preference before which plays a large part in a receiver's productivity, but a coach's preference obviously matter more. Will Marrone use Wood's talent to make him the primary guy in Buffalo or will he be used as a distraction to get the ball in the hands of others?


  • There are so many talented receivers and other sleepers in this league to waste a pick on someone like Robert Woods
  • Robert Woods is a talented receiver, but in fantasy football, the only thing that matters is that he’s the go-to-guy for the quarterback, and we don’t even know who that is yet.
  • Unless you’re in a very big and deep league, or in a franchise draft past your first year, don’t consider Robert Woods
  • Although he may be the main receiver by the end of the season, he also has a chance to be overlooked, play for inaccurate quarterbacks, or may even be over-shadowed by other teammates.

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