Arian FosterThere are fantasy studs and then there are players you were willing to take.

How well your fantasy stud will perform depends on his match-up.

Here are some match-ups that may alter your fantasy landscape.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the most sought after fantasy quarterback.

Last year Rodgers completed the season with 4,643 passing yards, 48 total touchdowns and six total turnovers. 

Was it possible to have Rodgers on your fantasy team last year and not make your playoffs?

This year the Packers start off rough. Their first game is against the San Francisco 49ers. All the 49ers' defense did last year was not permit a rushing touchdown until Week 16. 

Yes, the Packers do not depend on their rushing offense. But if you have Cedric Benson, the first game might be a good time to give him a rest. 

As for Rodgers, the 49ers tied for second in interceptions with 23. The 49ers also allowed the second fewest points in the NFL last year. 

This defense is returning all their starters, including second-year juggernaut Aldon Smith. Smith, in his rookie year, had 14 sacks. 

You can't sit Rodgers, just don't expect him to come out of the gate a blazing. 

Ray Rice

Ray Rice has a new contract. He is also one of the few NFL running backs that you can count on to get the ball. He is not part of a running back by committee. Last year he amassed 1,364 yards with 12 touchdowns. 

This year his first game is against the Cincinnati Bengals. While the Bengals aren't known as a top-five defense, they are improving. Last year they sacked the quarterback 45 times. This tied the league for fifth. It also indicated the ability of the defense to rush the offense.

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer had the defense ranked seventh in total yards with 316.2 per game. 

If you go by what should happen, Rice should add substantial points to your fantasy team. 

LeSean McCoy

Here is a well-kept secret, the Cleveland Browns were second last year in passing defense. 

Here is a known fact, the Browns ranked 30th against the rush last year.  In addition, Phil Taylor and Chris Gocong are injured.  Scott Fujita will be out for the first three games. 

McCoy will demonstrate why you picked him in the first round. 

Arian Foster

The Houston Texans play the Miami Dolphins in the first game.

Did you see HBO's Hard Knocks?

To say the Dolphins are in disarray, is like saying Clay Matthews is sort of good-looking. 

Even sharing carries with Ben Tate, Foster may make the beginning of your season feel like Christmas Day!

For the first game of the season remember your match-ups. Your studs will always be your studs. 

But if you know they are going to have a tough match, look closer at your peripheral players and who they are up against.

For any match-up questions ask in the comments.

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