Once an innocent game conceived in a New York City hotel lobby by former Oakland Raiders personnel, Wilfred Winkenbach and Bill Tunnell, and a news reporter, Scotty Stirling, fantasy football's recent popularity explosion across the United States now transcends anything its creators could have possibly envisioned in the early 1960s.

The inaugural eight-man league, the GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League) held its first official draft in Winkenbach's man-cave in August 1963 and is almost unbelievably preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Since that monumental moment in fantasy football history, the novelty game initially implemented between industry insider friends to make watching professional games more fun and exciting has spawned an entirely new genre of arm chair general managers, coaches and so-called experts.

Fantasy football's meteoric rise in the United States has also given way to countless websites, blogs, print and online magazines and television and satellite radio programs strictly dedicated to dish the fantasy dirt.

With so many print, television, and online media outlets betting big on fantasy football followers flocking to their specific publications for advice, "experts" are often employed to help transform league zeros into Super Bowl heroes.

However, does the guidance of these alleged gurus really give one man or woman the upper hand?  Any advice a fantasy football novice absorbs before a draft can, of course, improve awareness but for the hard core perennial participant most of the tips are just regurgitated nuggets of common knowledge.  

Seemingly more than any other sport, professional football almost always incurs season altering injuries to its high scoring skill position superstars.  Rarely does a draft day roster look the same come playoff time.  Fantasy football championships are almost always won by the crafty general managers who skillfully work the mid-season waiver wire and pull off timely tide-turning trades. 

Anyone can put together a team based on previous season stats and projected point totals.  Postseason success seemingly seeks out the savvy savants who overcomes injuries and lackluster production by bolstering his or her bench with this season's breakout stars and fantastic fill-ins.