MJDIt is Sunday afternoon and many of you are singing all kinds of praises.

This is especially true to those of you who gambled during your fantasy football draft and selected Maurice Jones-Drew.

As you know Maurice Jones-Drew has ended his 38-day holdout without a new contract.

He returned Sunday morning to the Jaguars' facility meeting with players and coaches. 

Rashad Jennings even tweeted his excitement at seeing Jones-Drew in the building.

But for those of you who drafted Jones-Drew, how excited should you be?

There is not a very good history for players who hold out. The freshest memory is of course the Chris Johnson holdout last year with Tennessee.

Last year Johnson sat out the first three weeks of preseason and all of training camp. He returned when the Titans conceded and gave him a very lucrative contract. For fantasy purposes Johnson did not live up to his end of the contract. 

Last year after his holdout, Johnson averaged four yards per rush. He completed the season with 1,047 yards with four touchdowns and three fumbles. It is a safe bet that he did not win your fantasy season.

Now Jones-Drew is back without a new contract. He has sat out OTAs, training camp, and all the preseason games. While he is in shape, he is not in game shape. And while he has returned, he is returning with something to prove. 

Last year's leading rusher is playing for more than wins and losses. He now has to prove on the field that he is worth the money he is requesting. Jones-Drew has to prove to the organization that his contributions on the field are not only good for solitary stats. 

Last year the Jaguars went 5-11. Jones-Drew carried the ball 343 times averaging 4.7 yards a carry.  This was with defenses knowing he was the entire Jaguars' offense.

This year during preseason the Jaguars let it be known that they could manage a team without Jones-Drew. Blaine Gabbert quieted some of his critics. Defenses will have to honor the threat of Justin Blackmon. Defenses will also have to give consideration to Rashad Jennings.

Those who gambled on Jones-Drew may see a pay-off. If he can side step the dreaded hamstring injury that seems to plague holdouts it could be a good year for the Jones-Drew faithful. The first two games don't look for production. 

The first game the Jaguars play the Minnesota Vikings but that is in less than a week's preparation for Jones-Drew. He may not even see the playing field. The second game is against the Houston Texans.

Last year the Texans ranked fourth in the NFL against the run with 96.0 yards per game. The Texans will have had a full preseason and the Miami Dolphins to tee up against Jones-Drew. 

The third game against the Indianapolis Colts, look for Jones-Drew to hit his stride. Being the consummate fantasy player himself, you know he isn't only looking to prove Shad Khan wrong. 

But Jones-Drew is looking to reward those who gambled on him in fantasy. 

Sit Jones-Drew for the first two games. Let him get his legs back under him. 

Do you agree? Hit me up in comments and let me know.

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