Ryan Fitzpatrick Week 5 is full of potential pitfalls.

It is time to cut the strings to those players you are smitten with but aren't producing.

It is time to cover those players on bye week. And it is time to get serious.

Move quick and as always look at the matchups.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

For four games Fitzpatrick has 931 yards and 12 touchdowns. 

Yes, he is interception-prone.  But this is one of those times where reality and fantasy are not the same. 

In reality there is some question whether Fitzpatrick is earning his contract. In fantasy Fitzpatrick is earning his fantasy worth. 

Week 5 Fitzpatrick meets the San Francisco 49ers. While the 49ers' defense is formidable, they are much better against the run. 

Kevin Kolb

After John Skelton went down with an ankle injury, there was some trepidations about Kevin Kolb.  Now the Arizona Cardinals are 4-0 and Kolb is a fantasy stud. 

He is getting better with each game. His total yards are increasing as are his touchdowns. And the matchups only get better. Week 5 Kolb will see the Saint Louis Rams, Week 6 Buffalo Bills and Week 7 Minnesota Vikings. 

Kolb is earning his keep in both fantasy and reality. 


Wide Receivers

Andre Roberts

Last week against the Miami Dolphins, Roberts gained 118 yards and two touchdowns. 

He also is the recipient of being on the same team as Larry Fitzgerald. This means Fitzgerald will see double teams and Roberts will be open. This means Fitzgerald will see the best safeties and corners and Roberts will be open. 

This means Roberts will score and so will you.

Brian Hartline

I am more a wait-and-see on Hartline. Were Week 4 monster numbers an aberration? He had 253 yards and a touchdown. In all of last year he caught 35 passes for 549 yards and a touchdown. 

If you are in a PPR league, Hartline is your man. 

T.Y. Hilton

Before their bye week, rookie Hilton had a very good Week 3 against the Jaguars. The plus is he caught four passes for 113 yards. The minus is everyone has a good week versus the Jaguars.

Week 5 the Indianapolis Colts play the Green Bay Packers. On paper it is a good matchup. For real the Packers' defense is finding their footing. 


Tight Ends

Scott Chandler

Chandler is a high-risk, high-reward pickup. He is a red zone target. His matchup against the 49ers should prove productive. The 49ers are giving up the second most fantasy points to tight ends. 

Week 5 the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Oakland Raiders are on bye weeks. 

Look at those matchups and good luck!


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