Andre JohnsonBefore the season started, if you had said the Houston Texans would be 2-7 at this stage you would have been laughed at for about a week straight.

But this is the bitter reality facing the Texans who have not only lost quarterback Matt Schaub to injury, linebacker Brian Cushing to a grim leg injury, and now Arian Foster is done for the season needing back surgery.

So does Houston have a problem? Yes.

But all is not lost as their star receiver Andre Johnson is finally finding the end zone after a drought that seemed to last forever both for Texans fans and fantasy football owners like myself who picked up Johnson, in my case as a 2nd round pick.

Up to the Texans' bye week in Week 8, Johnson had only topped 100 receiving yards in two games and had a grand total of zero touchdowns to his name. His best performance came in the opening week of the season against the San Francisco 49ers when he managed 146 yards.

In seven weeks worth of action Johnson had only totalled 54.8 fantasy points.

But something clicked for Johnson after the bye week as he exploded for 229 yards and three receiving touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts and despite only finishing with 37 yards against the Arizona Cardinals he caught two more touchdowns.

Johnson's fantasy points over the past two games add up to 56.6 points, more than he accumulated in the first seven games.

It would be easy to blame the Texans' struggles on Johnson but the trouble lies elsewhere, the injuries have seriously derailed Houston, especially that of Brian Cushing who is the leader of their defense. Matt Schaub's struggles were well documented before his injury and stand-in Case Keenum has actually done well in his place.

Look at the results of the Texans' last three loses: 24-27, 24-27 and 16-17 They could easily be 5-4 now rather than 2-7 but the football gods have been cruel to the Texans on a seven-game losing streak.

Their next two games are against the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars, two games the Texans will want to win. With Keenum playing well and not throwing a single pick so far in his first three starts and Johson on the receiving end finally back to his normal Pro Bowl-caliber self the Texans should be optimistic about the remainder of the year.