CJ Spiller currently boasts 723 rushing yards and 336 receiving yards in the first 10 games of the NFL  season, and matches up this week with the weak Indianapolis Colts' defense. So far, Spiller has put up 124 fantasy points in ESPN.com leagues, which is 6th among all running backs. For a player that has had a couple of injuries this season, those are pretty darn good numbers. So, let's take a look at what he can do against the Colts this Sunday!                                                                  

The Indianapolis Colts' rush defense is 22nd in the NFL, giving up 119.8 yards per game. Also, Indianapolis' passing defense is ranked 20th giving up 240.3 yards per game. Now by watching Spiller this season, we have figured out if he isn't getting it going on the ground, he can definitely go to the receiving game and put up some impressive stats that way. This aspect of Spiller should cause havoc for the lowly Colts' defense.

Bills' quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is no doubt unreliable, which could help Spiller's stats even more. Fitzpatrick tends to panic in a state where his team is losing and will usually throw an interception and/or make very poor decisions. If Fitzpatrick starts to make these said bad decisions, Chan Gailey should definitely turn to Spiller to lead his team to the victory.

ESPN.com projects Spiller will get 18 points, but I would put him towards the mid-20s, or maybe even close to 30. I predict Spiller have over 125 yards of total offense and have 2 touchdowns, one rushing and one receiving.

One more thing that will help Spiller's fantasy stats is that running back Fred Jackson is looking at a day on the sidelines with yet another injury, which will give Spiller more opportunities to get the ball.

Most fantasy owners already have Spiller in their lineups, but if you need to make a decision between two running backs and Spiller is one of them, definitely use this advice to help make your decision. I have Spiller on my fantasy football roster, and you know I'll have him in!