Fantasy football is officially three days away.  You have completed your draft.  You have made your adjustments to injuries and cuts (who saw the Pittsburgh Steelers releasing Jonathan Dwyer?) and now you are contemplating your first fantasy lineup of the season.  It's go time! Steady, and remember these five facts:


The season starts this Thursday with the reigning champions Baltimore Ravens going against the Denver Broncos.  The game is in Denver.  Which means you have until 6:30pm Mountain Time or 5:30pm Pacific Time or 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.  This game is loaded with fantasy options. 

4. Last Year Stats

You used all the available magazines to get your team, now discard them.  Last year stats are last year stats, this is a new year. 

It's the first game of the season.  Stick with what you know. 

3. Old Meets New

Like every season there are new players in new situations.  Not just rookies but veteran players.  Darrelle Revis going to Tampa, Elvis Dumervil going to Baltimore, and of course Carson Palmer with the Arizona Cardinals.  These aren't the only changes, but these will make an impact on your lineup.

Larry Fitzgerald becomes relevant again, the Bucs' secondary becomes somewhat lethal again and Dumvervil will be playing against the team that let him go over a fax.  It all matters!

2. Coaches Matter

It cannot be stressed enough, coaching changes will have an impact on your fantasy team.  The Chicago Bears have gone offense, the Arizona Cardinals have gone offense, and the Philadelphia Eagles have gone uber-offense.

Every team with a new coach but one have gone for a more high powered offense.  The lone dissenter being the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

It is the first game for you but it is also the first time defenses will see these new offenses.  Maybe now is the time to gamble?

1. Injuries

Always look at the last minute injury report and adjust accordingly. 


Have fun and be brave!  This is your season go get it!

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