Tom Brady looking as frustrated as his fantasy owners against the Jets

There comes a time during every fantasy football season that decisions need to be made. Amazingly, the other day I caught myself wondering, can I play the rest of this season with Tom Brady as my No.1 quarterback?

To try to hone my fantasy expertise I play with a number of teams, 11 total this year and one team has Brady as the top quarterback. Consequently, that team is 2-5, in large part because I simply have not been competitive at the quarterback position.

In a standard 12-team league, getting production from your quarterback is an absolute must. Running back depth and good receiver/tight end play is also key but when eight of the top-10 point getters are quarterbacks, its essential that you have an elite guy, not someone who is averaging 12.7 points per game as Brady is now. 

Peyton Manning for instance is averaging more than 27 fantasy points per game, Drew Brees is at 21, Aaron Rodgers 20, Brady 12. 

Brady has been so bad this season that even Geno Smith, yes, Geno Smith is averaging more fantasy points per game than Brady!

What kind of bizarre world have we fallen into?

So as I was saying, there are times during every season when strategic decisions have to be made and the time has come for me to make a decision on Brady and in the end, I decided to stay the course with Tom Terrific. 

Granted, its not like I can just pick up a solid fantasy starter on the waiver wire, although Alex Smith, Andy Dalton and Smith are all available, I'm not going down that road. 

My best option for an elite or at least top-10 caliber quarterback would probably be a trade and I don't want to go that route either. Why? Cause I still feel Brady can become that guy, so why give up assets when I don't have to?

Tom hasn't been terrific this season but I'm confident he will turn things around and the biggest reason why is Rob Gronkowski.

I know, I know, Brady had Gronk last week against the Jets and still only put up seven fantasy points. However, let us not forget that the Jets defense is actually pretty good, especially against the pass.

Rex Ryan's crew has only allowed one quarterback to eclipse 300-yards passing this season and have held opposing quarterbacks to one or fewer touchdown passes in five of seven games. 

Regardless Brady did not look good, which caused panic among fantasy owners. But after seeing Gronk catch 8 passes for 114 yards in his first game back, let's all just take a deep breath because it's only a matter of time before these two start hooking up for touchdowns on a consistent basis. 

Furthermore, the rapport between Brady and his receivers gets better each week and now with Gronk taking up the attention of opposing defenses, things should get much easier for the likes of Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola (if he doesn't break something the next time he's tackled). 

I just have faith in Brady and I think if you will keep yours in him, it will pay off handsomely in the end. After all, we have seen him produce with the likes of Reche Caldwell, Jabar Gaffney and Ben Watson as him main targets when he threw 24 touchdown passes in 2006. If he can do that with those guys, he can certainly put up solid fantasy numbers throwing to Gronk and company. 

Plus he's facing Miami this week, at home, which has generally mean good things for his fantasy owners, so give him one more chance this week. I'm pretty sure he's earned it.