CJ Spiller Anyone who has started their fantasy football homework knows that this year’s draft will be difficult as far as running backs go. 

There are only around 16 running backs that we know for sure that “should” be a starter for their respective teams. 

This notable issue has changed the face of fantasy football drafts this season as we are kickin’ it old school now; similar to drafts years ago before the PPR affect changed everything.

Grab a running back in the first round! Hell, grab two in the first couple of rounds! They are going faster than a donut lying in front of a pack of Biggest Loser rejects.

C.J. Spiller was more than likely a top 12 running back going into the preseason rankings and with one little quote from the Buffalo Bills' offensive coordinator, Nathanial Hackett,  Spiller’s stock jumped up to a top 5 pick.  

Last week, Hackett told Buffalo’s WGR 550 that: “We are going to give him (Spiller) the ball until he throws up!”    Besides upsetting Bills head coach, Doug Marrone, he set the fantasy football world on fire! Spiller quickly jumped several spots on all of the expert’s rankings within 24 hours.

So, is Spiller’s newfound top 5 ranking for real?  OR, is Spiller being overhyped over one wreckless comment by Hackett?

In this year’s draft, quote or no quote, Spiller should go in the first round of your leagues draft. The simple fact remains; there are just not many running backs to go around as there are too many question marks and too many changes in offenses; and this is leaving many fantasy football owners scratching their heads.

Spiller has a lot of odds in his favor to be a fantasy stud this year. Even though first round pick E.J. Manuel is getting rave reviews from camp, a rookie QB is always a golden ticket for any running back to pick up a ton of carries.

Another thing that is in Spiller’s favor is the fact he is a workhorse and since his college years at Clemson, he is known for taking on more carries than the average back can handle.  

In 2011 when Fred Jackson went down, Spiller stepped in and was able to establish himself as a very respectable NFL running back. Spiller also got the job in 2012 after Jackson was injured again and after rushing for 1,244 yards, 6 TDs and putting up an amazing 6 YPC (yards per carry) which led the league, Spiller earned himself a spot in the Pro Bowl as an alternate for Ray Rice who was busy with some Super Bowl stuff.

The only negative I can find for Spiller is the fact that the Bills have struggled to find an offensive rhythm the past couple of years and the amount of carries for Spiller could be inconsistent due to an inconsistent offense. The Bills may play a lot of catch up and rely more on the passing game, but I feel the Bills truly are going to rely on Spiller this season and in reality, they need to establish Spiller as the offensive star he truly can be. 

Although I would love to find ways to smash any kind of overhype, I just can’t find it here. Considering everything I have mentioned, it is clear that C.J. Spiller has every opportunity to be a top 5 running back this season and will see an increased amount of carries, yards and ultimately touchdowns. 

If you have middle to late pick in the first round, grab him as Spiller will not disappoint!