Jared Cook The St. Louis Rams were in need of a tight end in the offseason, and they went out and grabbed Jared Cook, who played his first four seasons in Tennessee with the Titans.

Cook only had 1,717 yards and 8 total touchdowns in his four years in the NFL, but things look to be different in St. Louis.

What we've seen from Cook in the Rams' offense in the preseason wasn't too bad.

He tallied 5 receptions for 87 yards, as well as a touchdown. You can't really develop a solid opinion off of 5 receptions in three preseason games, but there is one stat that may catch your attention, and that is Cook's 17.4 yards per catch.

With only 5 receptions, only 1 catch could majorly increase that yards per catch average, but it may show that Cook can be a playmaker for the Rams this season.

It really does seem that Cook will have a larger role in the Rams' offense than he did in the Titans'. St. Louis is developing a nice passing game led by Sam Bradford, and Cook could really contribute to that this season. Cook is a pretty tall and athletic guy, which could make a quarterback very happy. All Cook needs to do is get open down the field, and Bradford will find him.

If you are in need of a tight end for your fantasy football team and have the option to draft Jared Cook, don't pass him up. Cook shouldn't be a high-round pick for you, but if he is available around the 3rd or 4th round, take a chance on him.

I see Cook being a big part of the St. Louis offense this season, meaning you will benefit in your fantasy football league.