This year the fantasy drafts will be full of interesting choices.  First be sure you aren't hoodwinked in the first round.  I can help with that.  Second be sure you get the best value for your money. I can also help with that.  And here is how, I am going to give you the best steal of 2013 fantasy football drafts.

Steven Jackson. 

Jackson formerly of the lackless Saint Louis Rams has moved his talents to the dirty south and will now run with the birds.  The Atlanta Falcons and Jackson are a match made in fantasy heaven. 

And here is why:

Jackson replaces Michael Turner.  No disrespect to Mr. Turner but Jackson is a better running back.  So let's review what the Falcons have helped Turner accomplish.  In all five of his seasons Turner has rushed for double digit touchdowns.  He has averaged 3.6 yards per carry.  He also has finished as a top 20 fantasy back.  In 2012 the Falcons' running backs combined to catch 103 passes for 733 and three touchdowns.  Not bad for Turner and company.

No for Mr. Jackson, and you should probably sit down for this. 

No active running back has more carries than Jackson at 2,395.  And while some see this as a negative, he is after all on the 30 year old train, don't worry.  Jackson is the anomaly and he is playing for a better team.  Last year when it was obvious to everyone involved that Jackson was on his way out of Saint Louis, he still managed to rush the ball 257 times for 1,042 yards and four touchdowns.  Oh yeah, he also had 38 receptions for 321 yards. 

Still not convinced?  In 2012, the Falcons offense finished in the top five in total yards and seventh in points per game.  Jackson's old team in the same time period finished 23rd in total yards and 25th in yards per game.  Simply going to a better team will improve his stats. 

Jackson averaged 4.23 yards per carry on a team that wasn't so great.  Everyone knew Jackson was going to get the ball, and he still averaged 4.23 yards per carry.  He also averaged 49 receptions in his career.  On a crappy team.  He is now a participant on a very good offense.  An offense that will only improve with Jackson in the backfield. 

Jackson's current ADP is in the 30s.  There are not 30 running backs better than Steven Jackson.  Look for Jackson to score double digits touchdowns this year.  He is going to be a top 10 in both standard leagues and PPR leagues.

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