Last season, the San Diego Chargers expected wide receiver Vincent Brown to have a more expanded role in the offense, as the coaching staff felt he was NFL-ready.

Unfortunately, he injured himself on a touchdown catch in the preseason that derailed his 2012 season. Now, under new head coach Mike McCoy, Brown is once again expected to be an important weapon in one of the better passing attacks in the league, but is he really worthy of a late-round pick in your upcoming fantasy football draft?

On every expert's fantasy draftboard, Brown is ranked middle-of-the-pack at the receiver position, but he has a chance to change this perception by putting up huge receiving numbers this season.

Brown isn't a tall receiver at 6-0 and 195 lbs., nor is he a true burner that will catch 50-yard passes, but his quickness will create chaos 20-yards off the line of scrimmage. Brown is a precision route runner that has the strength to get physical with defenders and create his own separation off the snap of the ball. 

Another reason why Brown is a late-round fantasy draft gem is that his quarterback is Philip Rivers, who's expected to have a rebound season under the direction of Mike McCoy and new offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

However, he must exhibit good decision-making in this new offense for it to be successful. Rivers is a fearless passer that has equisite touch on his throws over the middle when given adequate time by the offensive line. If his passing yardage is up, then Rivers has developed some chemistry with Brown, who can make the tough catch in heavy traffic. The one negative with Rivers' game is that he tends to float the deep throw that forces his receivers to play jump ball with the defensive secondary. Not surprisingly, Brown has shown excellent jumping ability to win these type of passes. 

Brown has the ability that will make him an ideal starter on anyone's fantasy football team, but he has to stay healthy all year long. If you're still undecided, then consider him as late-round gem that could be hidden on your bench. Brown's value is definitely moving up in all of the fantasy football previews, so don't waste too much time deciding if his potential upside can help your team because someone else in your fantasy league will select him.