Mohamed Sanu I have been a fan of Mohamed Sanu since his days at Rutgers. I am a fan of his size (6’2”) and his agility and his ability to make difficult catches look simple.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised how he “slipped” to the third round of last season’s draft.

What was the loss for 31 other NFL teams was the definitive gain of the Cincinnati Bengals.

While the Bengals have a talented star receiver in A.J. Green and a young quarterback and developing star in Andy Dalton, the possibility to Sanu taking the next step toward stardom is very real.

The reason why Sanu may be on the list of many draft boards in fantasy leagues across the country is simple - he produces. He was targeted 25 times, caught 16 passes and scored four touchdowns.

Those are decent numbers, especially for a rookie, And with another year of seasoning under his belt, the targets will become more, the catches will increase and the chances to reach the end zone will be better.

The first impression of Sanu to me was a taller more agile Mark Clayton of the Miami Dolphins. With the weapons on offense, which now include Tyler Eifert at tight end and potential Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate Giovani Bernard, there is a great deal of encouragement that the Bengals offense could be one of the best in the NFL this season.

I look for Sanu to be an option on third down and in the red zone. I also think with so many defenders worrying about Green and two tight ends, there will be plenty of opportunities for others to make Dalton look like a stud.

Sanu will be one of them.

And for those reasons alone, he will be a late-round steal for someone in many fantasy league drafts across the country.