Johnathan Franklin Johnathan Franklin has not stolen the starting RB job yet, but he will get his chance to shine. There is virtually no risk to selecting Franklin at the end of your fantasy football draft.

He is definitely somewhat of a mystery, but I think that he will be the starting RB for Green Bay sometime during the regular season.

Franklin is battling with Eddie Lacy for rushing attempts and the starting job. Although Green Bay will most likely start the season out with Lacy as the starter, they will eventually defer to Franklin.

Lacy is is big, powerful RB. Unfortunately, I don't believe he has the speed to succeed in the NFL. Lacy is going to find out that he can't just run over everyone in the NFL such as he did in college.

Franklin is a more shifty, speedy RB who, whether he gets the starting job or not, will definitely have some big plays in 2013 resulting in a lot of fantasy points.

I know it sounds crazy to have a RB from Green Bay, but believe me when I say that it's not that crazy. If Green Bay wants to get back to the Super Bowl, they're going to have to run the ball. Green Bay is looking a little more depleted at the WR position with the loss of Greg Jennings, although I think that Aaron Rodgers could throw TDs to middle school WRs.

Green Bay will figure out that in order to become less predicatble, they will have to run the ball and will ultimately look to Franklin. Also on passing downs, I expect Franklin to be on the field instead of Lacy, so he could possibly rack of some points receiving.

Yeah, Johnathan Franklin isn't a sure thing; neither are any of the other rookies in the NFL. He has the skills to succeed in Green Bay's offense and in the NFL. You're much better off going with Franklin instead of Eddie Lacy. If a fantasy owner takes Johnathan Franklin at the end of his draft, he is low-risk/high-reward, and could make a that fantasy owner an extremely happy person.