Darren McFadden This year the word is that drafting two running backs is the way to go. Whether or not you are going to follow the draft masters' strategy or going to blaze a path of your own don't reach. 

There are players you are going to go for in the first round. Stop! Before you go into your draft with blind ambitions here are five pitfalls and players to avoid in the first round.

RB Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

Okay, this is a stretch but I have seen three mock drafts that have McFadden going in the first round. I KNOW! McFadden is a potential stud. The problem is his stud status never lasts a full season. 

In 2010 he played 13 games. In 2011 he played seven games and in 2012 he played 12 games. Yes, last season he collected 707 yards but he only saw the end zone two times. 

Do you really want to waste a first round pick on a player who will not make it through the season?

RB LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles

McCoy in the first round is the gambler's bet. Last season he had 840 yards and two touchdowns. He also had concussion issues. Then there is the new offense of new coach Chip Kelly. Plus you have to hope that new sensation Bryce Brown does not steal carries from McCoy. 

We are talking about a first round choice. A player who suffers from concussions. A player who has to adjust to a new system and who could lose carries to Brown. It is alot to overcome for a first round draft choice.

RB Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins

There is upside to Morris. But there is also downside. First RGIII has the potential to take touchdowns away from Morris. Also and here is the major problem I have with Morris in the first round, Mike Shanahan. Shanahan does not care about your fantasy team. He also has the propensity to change running backs on a whim. I want to believe in Morris. I don't believe in Shanahan. 

Morris will go in the first round. Somewhere Shanahan is plotting on how to disrupt your plans.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonvile Jaguars

Jones-Drew is rehabbing from LisFranc surgery. He is also on a team that does not have a viable quarterback.  Even then he is a stud. He is the only option on a bad team and he is in a contract year. Most of this points to first round status. 

But he is on the downside of 28 years young. And he is rehabbing, as mentioned above. He has yet to participate with the team in preseason. So you are gambling that he is Adrian Peterson-like?  It's a first round gamble. Don't do it.

TE Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

The only non-running back to make the list. Gronkowski was the best tight end. Now it is Jimmy Graham.  Gronkowski has had five offseason surgeries. He is also the only viable option for Tom Brady. If you know that, defenses know that. Gronkowski is an elite tight end there is no doubt about it. But for a first round choice there are healthier options. 

Remember this is the first round we are talking about. Think before you act.