Tim TebowI completed the first of several fantasy football drafts last night and some of my competition is probably snickering into their fists right about now.

Some of you reading this article may be chuckling shortly as well when you learn that I did indeed draft New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

Before you discount Tebow as a pick entirely, and probably my opinion as well, allow me to discuss the reasoning behind my selection.

To begin with, I'll make it clear that I acquired Tebow with my final pick in a 10 team league, so I wasn't salivating over the opportunity to grab him days before my actual draft.

I found myself in the unenviable 7th pick position and as many of you know, by the time that pick rolls around, most of the tier one quarterbacks are already gone.

Nevertheless, I was fairly comfortable with my QB situation even in the late rounds. In any case, as the last round started, I felt secure enough with my other positions and was looking at both Tebow and Jets' starter Mark Sanchez on the board.

Thinking from a strategic perspective, anyone who picked up Sanchez, who has made playoff runs and posted decent numbers in the past, would be vulnerable to Tebow taking over play calling duties at any time. Knowing enough about Jets' head coach Rex Ryan should tell a fantasy footballer that the Jets trade for Tebow was more than just a marketing ploy.

There's been talk of Tebow being used in the wildcat formation, or even as a tight end. If Tebow is successful and Sanchez struggles, it would be easy to envision Ryan caving to the fan pressure which is sure to come and starting Tebow.

As a final pick, I, or anyone else would have little to lose, but that may not be the case in your own league where some of the participants may still be star-struck by the University of Florida Heisman winner. If someone drafts him early that's to your advantage, but drafting Tebow in anything but the late, late rounds could be a recipe for disaster.

As a late round flier, Tebow's significance skyrockets. However, the main point to remember is that his true value is as a rusher, with the potential attendant rushing yards and touchdowns.

If Sanchez gets benched, Tebow's upside could be incredible as the Jets' main running back, Shonn Greene, has had difficulty finding the end zone with only six TDs last year. With the probability that Tebow may rack up both rushing and passing TDs, eclipsing his 12 total from last season and becoming a sleeper hit, he's worth the late selection.

If you are able to draft Tebow as a bench player, adopt a "wait and see" attitude. If it's clear he's only being used sparingly or not performing when the Jets do play him, you can always drop him later. In any case, Tebow's definitely worth a shot.