Marshawn Lynch has been relatively inconsistent over the last few seasons. We are talking about a guy who put up more yards and touchdowns in 2011 (1,204 yards, 12 touchdowns) than the two previous seasons combined (1,187 yards, 8 touchdowns.)

Fantasy owners everywhere are aware of the danger that lies in following the smoke of one hot season.

There is a question mark next to Lynch’s name, but how just how big of a risk is this guy?

Here is my short and sweet analysis of Marshawn Lynch: Pick him up in 2012.

For more, keep reading. If that was enough to finalize your decision, well, please send me an invite to your fantasy league.

In 2011 Lynch was 7th in the league total yards, and 3rd in rushing touchdowns.

He was also 10th in yards per carry.

He is not going to lose any steam.

With the addition of quarterback Matt Flynn, retention of Lynch at running back, and explosive receivers in Golden Tate and Sidney Rice, this Seattle offense is poised for a powerful 2012 campaign.    

With plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, Lynch will have his most successful season yet.

Lack-luster 2011 seasons from perennial Pro Bowlers Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson drive Lynch’s value even higher.

Final analysis: Lynch will be a top-ten back this year. He will follow closely behind the upper tier of backs; Michael Turner, LeSean McCoy, Ray Rice, Arian Foster, and Maurice Jones-Drew (in no particular order.) Do NOT hesitate to take him with your second round pick.