Inside this edition of “Football Nation Today,” Alex looks at some of the biggest stories across the NFL landscape:

1st Down:

 ercy Harvin, Dennis Pitta and Jeremy Maclin have all suffered potentially season ending injuries at training camp over the past week.  Alex discusses which of the three injuries is the biggest bummer, and which of the three injuries will have the biggest impact on the upcoming season.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan signed a 5-year $103 million extension late last week with $59 million guaranteed.  Alex talks about the enormous expectations for the Falcons and Ryan following last season’s blown lead in the NFC Championship Game, and how Ryan’s contract compares to the other extensions that have been signed this offseason.  By the way, anybody still think Tom Brady didn’t leave money on the table?  Anybody? 

2nd Down:

If all goes according to plan, reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel will be in an NFL training camp at this time next year.  That is, unless he continues to self-destruct and winds up like many other failed childhood stars.  Oh, what’s that?  All he does is go out and drink beer?  That’s what all of this OUTRAGE and CONCERN is about?  What a sick world we live in…

Alex tears into those who have been tearing into Johnny Football, and says the media has finally succeeded in its embarrassing goal of painting Manziel as a reckless, brazen kid who is going to destroy his career before it begins. 

Manziel’s father said in ESPN The Magazine this week he worries his son would be happier behind bars than he is right now.  Alex can’t blame Manziel for feeling that way, considering he can’t even go to a frat party without causing a massive uproar.

If Manziel’s play declines this season, then it would be fair to criticize his off-field habits.  But let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.  There’s no need to be outraged now about something that hasn’t happened yet.  That is, unless you just enjoy being angry, which apparently a lot of people in the sports media do.

3rd Down:

In the “Big Up or Slow Down” segment, Alex debates whether Adrian Peterson was right to call player’s complaints about wearing leg-pads “BS,” if Rex Ryan is a changed man and if Joe Thomas crossed the line when he said playing for a losing team is “drudgery.” 


4th Down:

In this week’s “Reimer Rant,” Alex talks about Peterson’s guarantee that he will break Emmit Smith’s all-time rushing record in week 16 of 2017.  Alex says Peterson has the wrong goals, and should be concerned about winning a couple of playoff games before he makes proclamations about when he breaks a record. 

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