Rejoice fans! The NFL season is upon us.  Soon the soap opera that is the off-season will give way to the drama of a brand spanking new NFL season. 

Before our weekly NFL joy returns, the pre-season monster must be fed. 

Every nod of Robert Griffin III’s head must be dissected and disseminated to the Washington faithful, while every report out of Cleveland must remind fans that the rookie quarterback is a card carrying member of the AARP.

Much of the preseason coverage appears to converge on weekly storylines, so much so that eventually multiple reporters will deliver the same story.  I like to imagine reporters and producers confirming their expert opinions by reading and listening to their competitors saying the same thing.  “Good news, according to them we think the same thing!”

Ned Ryerson

Oh New Orleans how they love you.  Now that the scandal is over the punishment begins.  The pundits current coverage is simply repeating the question of: how will the Saints cope with the loss of their head coach?    

I don’t begrudge the question; I just tire of it being the only question. 

Every time the Saints come up there is a mini-summary of the scandal followed by suspension details. This leads to the reporter pondering the great void in New Orleans’ leadership.  We are going to be hearing varieties of this question until Joe Vitt returns from his suspension. 

Sun Tzu

The Saints have been an elite team in the NFL the last few years and despite some changes appears to be a major power in the NFC.  The defenses in the NFL have yet to give any indication that they have figured out how to stop the mighty Saints offense. 

The uncertainty of their coaching situation could actually prove to be more of hindrance to the Saint’s opponents, who will be unsure week to week, what tendencies to prepare for.   Different players could be favored by different coaches, altering the depth chart on situational downs and special teams.  

Then in the middle of the season, when Joe Vitt returns, it could all change.

The Day After Tomorrow

So quick question, who is the second string quarterback on the Saints?  Anyone? Give up?  Chase Daniels is the answer. 

Mr. Daniels is the answer to my question, but not the answer should the Saints ever need a QB to step in and play in the event of an injury to Drew Brees. 

If anything happens to Drew, this year could easily be a carbon copy of the Indianapolis Colts season a year ago with Matt Barkley playing the Andrew Luck role. 

Which of course leads to the obvious question, does Tom Benson Tweet?