Mark Sanchez I’d rather listen to the New York Jets talk than watch them play football. At least their press conferences are interesting. 

I fear that the Jets idea of offensive rhythm is to curse loudly while listening to “The Super Bowl Shuffle”. 

Much of the focus has been on the inability of the Jet’s brain-trust to figure out how to utilize Tim Tebow. 

Calls for Rex Ryan to bench Mark Sanchez and put in the Florida Gator Miracle Maker have begun to intensify. 

The Jets need much more than a quarter back change. 

In fact I don’t think the blame can be put on the Jets' young quarterback. The position that I find the most in need of improvement on the Jets is GM Mike Tannenbaum. 

Looking at the Jets' roster, tell me where they have elite talent or a competitive advantage? The one elite talent they had, Darrelle Revis, is currently injured and not playing. 

Broadway needs its stars and the Jets need play-makers. Currently the Jets only have a head coach who promises a big show and a team that rarely delivers.

The Dallas Cowboys share a similar need at the general manager position that may never be fixed while under current ownership. 

Much like the Jets, all focus for the Cowboys' problems rests on their quarterback, Tony Romo.  Unlike the Jets, the Cowboys have a number of stars and play-makers capable of breathtaking athleticism.  

The Cowboys' athletes make for exciting games and bold expectations, tantalizing experts with what should and could be. However this year’s edition of the Cowboys is a mismanaged, bumbling bunch, unable to execute plays in crunch time due to consistent mental errors. 

Dallas needs a strong GM co-operating with a talented coaching staff that develops a team culture.  Their current management structure seems unable to stay focused on doing that. I don’t doubt Dallas’ desire to win; I just don’t believe their current makeup is going to be successful.