Russell WilsonKeywords that are able to describe moments and situations are becoming more prevalent in a society where hashtags and memes go viral. 

Internet browsers are becoming increasingly visual, so brevity with words is a useful asset to the lazy-eyed, no pun intended. When it comes to football, the content is endless, especially after Sundays like we just witnessed the other day. 

So writers including myself can get lost in a sea of words, and wind up with a 6,000-word manuscript of an article.  

Sometimes it is helpful to set boundaries for one's self, so this article will be exercise in restraint.  

Every NFL team will be summed up in five words, with no caption explaining the verbage. Some of the descriptions will be more related to this season, while others will represent the franchise history over many years. The list will be in power ranking order, and so it begins...

1. Seattle Seahawks - Adderall Focused Legion of Boom

2. Denver Broncos - Sheriff Peyton and Playoff Redemption

3. New England Patriots - Belichick Brady Bunch Plus Fillers

4. New Orleans Saints - Brees Needs Dome Field Advantage

5. Kansas City Chiefs - New Leadership Unifying Holdover Talent

6. Carolina Panthers - Playoff Contender? Yes We Cam

7. San Francisco 49ers - Harbaugh's Controlled Intensity Equals Success

8. Cincinnati Bengals - Offensive Weaponry Lessens Defensive Reliance

9. Philadelphia Eagles - Shady's Cutbacks Enhance Chip's Genius

10. Detroit Lions - Unstoppable Megatron Makes Anything Possible

11. Chicago Bears - Receiving Duo Complicates Quarterback Value

12. Arizona Cardinals - Finale Victory Validates Promising Season

13. Indianapolis Colts - Presenting Football's Worst Division Winner

14. Baltimore Ravens - Champs Cornering Miracle Finish Market

15. Green Bay Packers - Need Belt For Division Crown

16. Dallas Cowboys - Romocoaster Must Peak Against Philly

17. Miami Dolphins - Bullying Aftermath Could Spell Playoffs

18. San Diego Chargers - Rivers Tease Masks Overmatched Defense

19. New York Jets - Improving Defense Requires Better Geno

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Rebuilding Tattered Steel Curtain Defense

21. St. Louis Rams - New Offensive Firepower Needs Distributor

22. New York Giants - Injuries And Post-Title Complacency

23. Cleveland Browns - Can Josh Gordon Be Cloned?

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Schiano Finds Quarterback, Turnaround Coming?

25. Minnesota Vikings - Cursed Franchise Can't Catch Break

26. Tennessee Titans - Changes Imminent, Matter of Where

27. Buffalo Bills - Playoff Drought, Quarterback Questions Continue

28. Oakland Raiders - Black Hole Needs Symbolizing Cornerstone

29. Jacksonville Jaguars - Suddenly Competitive With Bright Future

30. Atlanta Falcons - Drowning for Clowney Strategy Operating?

31. Washington Redskins - RGIII Shutdown Talk Pissing Contest 

32. Houston Texans - Give Johnny Football Ferrari Keys?