Something happened on Friday that was unexpected, undeserved, and downright strange. Elvis Dumervil was cut by the Denver Broncos after a fax fiasco left both sides scratching their heads as to what really happened. The bottom line is this: one of the best defensive players in the league is now a free agent. Oh and one more thing: he still gets a nice chunk of change from the Broncos and can now go shopping to see who wants to pay him the big bucks.

In steps a very unlikely suitor: The Green Bay Packers.

The Packers have been looking for an answer on defense to line up on the other side of the field as Clay Matthews, but to date they have not found that missing piece. Dumervil could be just the guy they are looking for.

The Packers have done nothing in free agency. They let Greg Jennings walk and they may choose to free up even more cap space by parting ways with Jermichael Finley. While Clay Matthews an Aaron Rodgers need contract extensions, the Packers still have the funds to get a big name player like Dumervil.

Clearly ED was looking to cut his salary to $8 million per year to stay with one of the favorites in the AFC. So what if the Packers were to come in and offer something closer to $10 million a year to join a favorite in the NFC? It is a match made in heaven.

Ted Thompson is not one who likes to spend big in free agency; but filling this need would mean the Packers could focus on other needs in the draft including a running back of the future and of course offensive line help to protect Rodgers.

So Ted, get on the phone and get this guy into a Packers jersey!