Dustin KellerAlthough the news of Dustin Keller’s season-ending knee injury is more than two days old, the impact it has on the Miami Dolphins is still being felt today.

The free agent signee from the New York Jets was part of the infusion of new talent that was supposed to not only help Ryan Tannehill reach the next level as a quarterback in the NFL, but give the Dolphins another target along with Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson.

Mark Sessler’s NFL.com story oulined the injury in detal.

“NFL.com's Ian Rapoport confirmed the inevitable Sunday, reporting that Keller will be lost for the entire season, according to a source informed of the injury. Specifically, Rapoport reported Keller tore his ACL, PCL, MCL and also dislocated his kneecap. That's similar to the string of injuries suffered by current 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore last October.”

With three weeks until the season opener at Cleveland, it will be hard to replace the catches Keller could have provided this team.

The Dolphins currently have Charles Clay, Michael Egnew and rookie Dion Sims. It was also reported by NFL.com that the Dolphins had been calling around the NFL to find a replacement on the roster for Keller.

It also means offensive coordinator Mike Sherman may have to readjust his game plan to help the three younger tight ends fit into the passing system.

The hit by Texans rookie defensive back Swearing was one where the rookie said he made sure he hit Keller low because he was afraid of the ramifications of hitting a player high like that.

“Swearinger said he went low on Keller because going high often draws a fine.”

The play on Keller as the Yahoo.com story reiterates, is tough because the defender and the reeiver are in a true, “no win” situation.

“They can't go high, for fear of hitting a receiver just wrong in a split-second decision and getting fined. But if they go low, as Swearinger did on Keller, they can also get blamed for a dirty hit if an injury occurs, which happened with Keller.”