Dropping Back In NFL History: The NFL's Olympians

By Tom Pollin
August 17, 2012 8:56 am
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Non-track Olympic athletes who played in the NFL:

Dudley DeGroot–Head Coach (Redskins/AAFC Los Angeles Dons) 1944-1947
                               1924 Paris Olympics; Men’s Rugby–Gold Medal
DeGroot coached the Washington Redskins to the NFL Championship Game in 1945, losing to the Cleveland Rams 15-14.

John Spellman–Wingback/Right End (Providence Steam Roller/Boston Braves) 1925–1932
                              1924 Paris Olympics; Freestyle Wrestling, Light Heavyweight–Gold Medal

Jim Bausch–Back (Chicago Cardinals/Cincinnati Reds) 1933
                         1932 Los Angeles Olympics; Decathlon–Gold Medal

Jack Riley–Right Tackle (Boston Redskins) 1933
                      1932 Los Angeles Olympics; Freestyle Wrestling, Heavyweight–Silver Medal

Glenn Morris–End (Lions) 1940
                          1936 Berlin Olympics; Decathlon–Gold Medal

Sam Francis–Fullback (Bears/Brooklyn Dodgers/Pittsburgh Pirates) 1937–1940
                          1936 Berlin Olympics; Shot Put–4th place
Jack Torrance–Tackle (Bears) 1939–1940
                              1936 Berlin Olympics; Shot Put–5th place

Gene Vidal–Fullback (Washington Senators) 1921
                      1920 Antwerp Olympics; Decathlon–7th Place
Gene's real claim to fame is that he is the father of author Gore Vidal.

Clyde “Smackover” Scott–Running Back (Eagles/Lions) 1949–1952
                                                  1948 London Olympics; 110 meter hurdles–Bronze Medal

Milt Campbell–Kick Returner (Browns) 1957
                           1952 Helsinki Olympics; Decathlon–Silver Medal
                           1956 Melbourne Olympics; Decathlon–Gold Medal

Jim Hines–Wide Receiver (Dolphins/Chiefs) 1969–1970
                     1968 Mexico City Olympics; 100 meter dash–Gold Medal

Tommie Smith – Wide Receiver (Bengals) 1969
                               1968 Mexico City Olympics; 200 meter dash–Gold Medal

Herschel Walker–Running Back (Cowboys/Vikings/Eagles/Giants) 1986–1997
                                 1998 Nagano Olympics; 4-Man Bobsled

Events This Week:

August 16, 1965 – The American Football League awards its first expansion franchise to the city of Miami.

Birthdays of Note:
August 13, 1941–Chris Hanburger; Linebacker (Redskins) 1965–1978; 4 time First-Team All-Pro;
                                                                  9 time Pro Bowler; Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011

August 14, 1916–Wellington Mara; co-owner of the New York Giants until his death in 2005

August 14, 1958–Mike Mayock; Defensive Back (Giants) 1982–1983
                                                            Draft guru on the NFL Network and NFL.com

August 15, 1945–Gene Upshaw; Guard (Raiders) 1967–1981; 5 time First-Team All-Pro; 7 time Pro Bowler;
                                                             Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987

August 15, 1961–Gary Kubiak; Quarterback (Broncos) 1983–1991
                                                        Head Coach (Texans) 2006–Present; 1 Division Championship;
                                                     47-49 Lifetime Record

August 16, 1930–Frank Gifford; Halfback/Flanker (Giants) 1952–1964; 4 time First-Team All-Pro;
                                                           8 time Pro Bowler; Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977

August 19, 1958–Anthony Munoz; Left Tackle (Bengals) 1980–1992; 9 time First-Team All-Pro; 11 time Pro Bowler;
                                                          Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998


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