I was without power for less than four days. Electronics were eventually craved solely for contactual purposes, food was swiftly and sickeningly swallowed for the sake of eating it while it was warm, and boredom resulted in rediscovery of invaluable sleep and family time.

Relatives up north in Staten Island, New York, lost hefty fractions of their homes and even schools. Nostalgic summer sweet spots reside in ruin.

Compared to many others, we are still exceedingly lucky.

This Sunday's matchup between the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers simply could not be postponed. As the wave of Big Blue players and coaches finally return from their prolonged road trip in Dallas, Commissioner Roger Goodell and Governor Chris Christie, MetLife Stadium and the franchise, football and society...have all pulled through in the fourth quarter.

Last Monday's paid visit from Sandy truly was a Frankenstorm, compromising anything ranging from traditional Halloween festivities to the normalcy and wellness of respective human beings' lives. The aftermath of Mother Nature's blitz will proceed to haunt the east coast for months to come, and sports were hardly on the forefronts of most people's minds.

That is why we promptly need football in East Rutherford, both for the distraction of trivial household names Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger, and the equivocal service and example of their reappearance on a consoling gridiron.

Governor Christie's press conference from Little Ferry, New Jersey, at 2:00 PM EST reporting the state's relief efforts stressed upon our return to normalcy, restoring gas stations and resuming children's education as soon as possible. The NFL is appropriately following the same game plan.

Whether or not civilians have maintained televisions, radios, or shelters to help experience and enjoy this forgivable contest on an inconsequential schedule, the attempted recuperation of spirit and pride - as well as that cherished magnetism of recreational togetherness - is what will intangibly materialize and healthily fill the void even just temporarily.

Huddle up in a condensated bar for roughly three hours. Volunteer on the surrounding streets during halftime. Cheer for an [unprecedented] strong New York second half or a patented stand by the infamous Steel Curtain.

Welcomingly root for either side, but employ your right to root as that can never be eroded, and root loudly for the tristate area and nation alike.

Understandably, the Giants' date with the Green Bay Packers on September 16th, 2001 was rescheduled for later that season. Then again, the decision to play ball this time around is equally justifiable.

The cancelled New York City Marathon would have similarily benefited - as it did eleven years ago, but the city is resilient regardless. We will collectively pull through like we always do, and reuniting on the football platform can yet again be a qualitative start.

If anything, Golden Tate's controversial touchdown reception has certainly been put into perspective. Let's be thankful for any and all football early and often, and may everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy recover the lost fumble.