Last night's game was supposed to be a high scoring affair. Tony Romo vs. Drew Brees. Well, Drew Brees showed up. Mark Ingram showed up. Jerry Jones showed up, the only bad thing, Jerry Jones must have forgot to pay for his team to fly to New Orleans as well.

Let us start off with this, the Cowboys aren't what they used to be and have not been for some time now. The Cowboys are not what their fans want them to be. Yes, Dallas sits in first place in the NFC East, but is that an accomplishment? Dallas has a few things going for them this year, Tony Romo to Dez Bryant, Jason Garrett isn't calling plays anymore, and Terrence Williams has actually looked like a good draft pick.

The Saints on the other hand have quite a few more things looking up. They sit atop their division, which at least has competition. Jimmy Graham, despite being injured and in a contract year, has decided that his team doing well is more important at this time than him shutting it down and getting paid in 2014. The run game for the Saints showed up in a big way last night. 200-plus yards on the ground and Mark Ingram had over 100 himself. Yes, that was actually not a typo, Mark Ingram had 100-plus rushing yards.

Last night's game was a measuring stick at least for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones must have been kicking himself while he was looking at the sideline and seeing Rob Ryan wearing black and gold. The Cowboys surrendered 625 total yards in the game last night. They surrendered 6.4 yards per carry. They surrendered an NFL record 40 first downs. Yes, they lost Sean Lee early and DeMarcus Ware was hobbled, but this is the NFL. This looked like Alabama playing Alcorn St. It was embarassing.

The Saints were coming off a loss and had the Panthers breathing down their neck. They showed up last night to play. Too bad their opponent didn't, because it sure could've been good primetime football.