Listen, I am a Cajun from south Louisiana. I have been a Saints fan since I was born and will be until the day I die, but every day that goes by with no resolution to this Drew Brees contract dispute I turn into John Malcovich’s Russian mobster character from Rounders and walk around the house muttering: “Pay dat man his money.”  Who knew that mobbed up Russians and crawfish eating Cajuns had so much in common?
This situation is getting—as my dad is fond of saying—absolutely ridiculous. I cannot think of one legitimate reason why the Saints administration is refusing to pay Brees what he’s worth. The difference between the two sides is now reportedly only two million dollars. Two million dollars? You’ve got to be kidding me? Look, the winner of Survivor gets one million. Does anybody in their right mind believe Drew Brees is not worth at least twice as much as Richard Hatch?
In the midst of all this, Brees is still trying to be a stand-up guy. He hasn’t come out bashing the Saint’s brass. He apologized for the whole “bounty-gate” scandal. He hasn’t missed any mandatory workouts…yet. All he wants is to be paid fairly and recognized as one of the best in the game, which he is. He is a great quarterback. Not, as Mickey Loomis suggested, idiotically, as a simply “very good quarterback.” Matt Ryan is a “good” quarterback. Brees threw for 5,476 yards last year with 46 touchdowns, 200 more yards than Tom Brady and almost 1,000 more than Aaron Rogers. That ain’t good, son, that is phenomenal!
The average fan has no idea how crazy this saga is to Saints fan. Our first winning season was in 1987, twenty years after John Gilliam ran our first ever kickoff return back for a touchdown. We’ve had to suffer through quarterbacks with names like Bobby Joe, Billy Joe, “Chris” Everett, Danny “less than” Wuerffel, Aaron Brooks. But Number 9 comes to town, chooses a hurricane ravaged half city instead of bringing his talents to south beach, leads us to the conference championship game in his first season, our first Superbowl in franchise history, and to one of the most proficient and formidable offenses in NFL history. Yet, our general manager thinks that he is only a “very good” quarterback. That dog will not hunt!
So I’m going to say this loud and clear. We are still in a recession. The economy sucks. But we live in a country where most of the 99 percentages still have over 6 pairs of shoes in their closet. Pay dat Man his Money!!!
Drew Brees is a hero to our city and state. It’s not an understatement to think New Orleans would not be as it is today without him these past five years. Grown men idolize him for his talent, work ethic, and love for his adoptive culture. Our children will laud him for years to come as our savior and the best quarterback to ever put on a Saints jersey. We come from a people who still revere a quarterback like Archie Manning for his loyalty, for putting up with some truly awful teams, taking a beating for most of his career, yet still calling New Orleans home.
We are a loyal people. We have adopted Brees as our brother and now our leader. To let him walk away over a contract dispute possibly at the end of this year is unconscionable… He is worth more to us than 2 million dollars. He is worth more to us than 100 million dollars. This is not about money. It’s about doing what is right.
Heck, we made Andrew Jackson president after he saved our city. The notorious Pirate Jean Lafitte has state parks named after him. The least we can do for a Saint is to give him what he wants. Do the right thing Loomis, and one day you might be considered a very good general manager.