It has been a disappointing this season for the Washington Redskins. They started off 3-1, and have gone 3-6 since. Mike Shanahan opted not to sign a quarterback in the off-season and felt Rex Grossman and John Beck would be great quarterbacks to carry the offense.

Yet, so far it has not been success. Grossman was benched in favor of Beck when he faced the Eagles in favor of Beck, but Beck lost his opportunity to play out as the starter for the rest of the season. Beck did not produce much on offense. Then last week, Grossman was back as the starting quarterback but the offense was no better.

The offense has not shown up in recent weeks, as Kyle Shanahan has been calling the plays and abandoning the run. While Kyle is known for throwing the ball on offense, Mike Shanahan is known for running the ball on offense. But it’s even worse as their defense has not been showing up. Their rush defense struggles against opponents, they cannot force turnovers, and they cannot stop the pass. Indeed, the Redskins are at a low point. Injuries have hurt this team, but this has really become a low point in their franchise.

From the looks of it, the team seems to lack fundamentals, they cannot make the right plays, the players are off sync, and nobody is aware of how to play. They miss tackles, they cannot protect the quarterback, and they are not running the ball. But could it be so low that the Redskins could go 3-13?

It’s very possible. The players have given up on offense, the team does not have enough talent to carry a team, and their defense cannot get their chemistry together. What’s more ironic is Dan Snyder has no say as to who the team will sign, who will be drafted, and what plays to call. This is all Mike Shanahan. And indeed, it could be possible Shanahan could be released after this season. The Redskins still have 10 more weeks to go in the season, so it is still possible they could go 7-9, but with a tough schedule ahead of them, the Redskins must play their hearts out.