Supposedly he was joking, but Matt Cassell wasn't even around when Tom Brady started winning Super Bowls. For a guy who seems to have become a perennial backup quarterback, he won't help himself with comments about teaching Brady anything.

So, do we have to wait for the season to start before we sign the death certificate of one draft pick, Geno Smith? Apparently not, as pundits are declaring him DOA with a team that appears to be headed in the wrong direction. Now he is being accused of having a Diva Attitude". Media related to the NFL has become "The National Enquirer". Anything for a juicy story.

I have my doubts about Smith's probability of success in New York, but we should give the poor kid a chance, if he even sees the field his first year. Things may unfold, or unravel, in New York in ways we can't predict this early in the process.

Cardinal Linebacker Daryl Washington is in trouble again; reports of his arrest for two alleged counts of assault come only a month after his suspension for substance abuse by the league. Things may be spiraling out of control for an otherwise great football player.

And this is the team giving a shot to one of the most risky college players: Tyrann Mathieu, formerly of LSU. The last thing Arizona needs is a slew of players dropping out due to drug, alcohol, and violence. Why does this seem to be turning into a common scenario in the NFL (e.g. Jags WR Justin Blackmon)?

And in Jet's news...

Rex Ryan says he wants to coach there for another 20 years? He is more delusional than Jerry Jones, who, by the way, thinks the Cowboys did well on draft weekend. I don't know what decade of Jet's football Ryan is watching, but it certainly isn't in this century.

At a recent press conference, New England head coach Bill Belichick was heard to say, "We did what we thought was best for our football team."

Ed Reed is now one of several players recovering from off season surgery, albeit "minor surgery". Regardless, it can't be good for a player his age to go through another procedure when he has just signed with a new team. Injuries always carry a degree of uncertainty of future performance, just ask Rob Gronkowski. This can't be good for Reed's position with the Texans; he has rookie Swearinger nipping at his heels already.

Otherwise, things are relatively slow around the NFL, as teams get training camp underway. Rookies are experiencing what life in the NFL will be like; school is in session boys!

The debate will rage all the way till the season starts, and beyond. Which rookie quarterback will see the field first? And which will have the best chance of success? This may be answered by the situation into which each of them is thrown. Like Ryan Mallett behind Tom Brady, I like Ryan Nassib's chances behind Eli Manning, as well as, Mike Glennon with Josh Freeman; they will be chomping at the bit for the slightest opportunity to show their stuff. And much like Brady, many of these young QBs will be waiting in the wings, if something unfortunate happens to the starter.