So, being an AFC East guy, I couldn't help but notice that Mark Sanchez is making some noise again.

He claims that there is still a competition at quarterback in New York. I don't think there is a better option for the Jets right now, aside from the fact that his salary is his biggest asset right now.

He did admit that he needs to get better, an understatement considering that his percentages are well below what was expected of him.

Perhaps his college coach was right about him not being ready for the NFL.

But this could be a good sign for him, with David Garrard out of the picture, and that other QB gone to who knows where; Sanchez may only have to compete with the rookie, meaning the pressure just got quite a bit lighter (about half a butt cheek)... I couldn't help it...

Now maybe the Sanchize can concentrate on throwing to the right color jerseys and avoid... okay, I won't go there twice in the same article.

But Chad Ocho Johnson is getting himself in more and more trouble as his time away from football lengthens. I'm sure he had a good reason for skipping out on his probation officer, just like he did to the offense of the Patriots and the Dolphins in his last-ditch attempts at salvaging his NFL career. Maybe this means that he won't be bothering us with any more "reality" shows. We can hope...

In over-analyzing news:

I am already sick of the talk about the releases of now former Patriots Kyle Love and Brandon Deaderick. With all of the players released for virtually no reason at all, why are we so worked up about these two? I don't care if it was diabetes or lack of production, I don't see what the fuss is about; Belichick is known for unusual moves, but not that much more than any other coach. Remember that Dwight Freeney and John Abraham are both still free agents right now.

Free agency has become the norm in sports, especially the NFL, so get used to players being cut for a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which is nothing more than a few cap dollars or a few years of youth.

Speaking of strange moves, the Vikings have moved Joe Webb to receiver, a position with which he is not a total stranger; but it comes in favor of installing Matt Cassel as their primary backup to Christian Ponder. I suppose they are simply hoping that his services won't be needed and that Webb's athleticism will be of use downfield. That's a lot of inexperience in that part of the offense.

Another team to join the ranks of overcrowded QB corps would be the Cleveland Browns. Brian Hoyer becomes the fourth quarterback on the roster, behind Jason Campbell and Thaddeus Lewis; I don't know what this means for any of them. But I have to wonder why they would clutter that position any more than it already was in the offseason. With so few college prospects in the draft, they must be waiting for 2014, or a miracle.

I think all the quarterback questions can be answered the same way: if you don't have your franchise QB on the roster already, then you are SOL until next year and, hopefully, the rookie of your dreams. Unfortunately, that means a restless year for the fans.

Teams like the Patriots and Broncos have the luxury of elite quarterbacks, and that covers a multitude of sins. The Colts appear to have been miraculously blessed with an instant franchise quarterback, Andrew Luck, in place of All-Pro Peyton Manning, while many clubs seem to perpetually miss on finding their "diamond-in-the-rough". When you keep remixing old veterans, it looks a lot like desperation.

And on that note, I'm conducting an unofficial poll: will Mark Sanchez or Rex Ryan be the first to get the axe in New York. Let me know in the comments section. I already have a very strong opinion about it myself.