It's the time of year when NFL teams are jockeying for position as the days to the draft and free agency both draw closer and closer. Is it just desperation, or do the great minds in the football world suddenly turn to mush when evaluating available talent? Even the commentators seem to spew forth at the mouth while forgetting the history of the players up for grabs.

Is it just me or does it seem strange that the Philadelphia Eagles have just signed another running quarterback to complement or compete with Michael Vick? Have they not learned their lesson? Dennis Dixon is simply going to be "Michael Vick 2.0". And did Vick really say that he wasn't committed in the past, but now he is committed? Haven't we heard this before?

Michael Vick has been hit in the head too many times; that's the problem in the city of brotherly love- Vick is hurried and sacked so much that he makes mistakes, he throws interceptions, and he drops the ball. How much better will Dennis Dixon do in that system...

And to think that one of the pundits on NFLAM thinks that Vick is the best quarterback in the NFC East. I thought performance enhancing drugs were forbidden throughout the NFL (network). Did Eli get traded out of the division without our knowledge?

You gotta love commentators; they have no clue what they are saying. Does Richard Seymour really think that Rob Gronkowski needs Tom Brady to talk some sense into him? Brady's job is to throw the football to his receivers, not to babysit them! He has real babies at home! Maybe Seymour forgets his own football playing days. He was not the model citizen he seems to expect players to be now.

I certainly don't "get" Gronkowski partying and hanging out with porn stars, but he is his own man and I have yet to hear that he has killed (or even shot at) anyone yet.

So... who is Mike Tannenbaum to give his opinion about where Tim Tebow should go? That was the most messed-up situation in all of football... ever! And now he thinks that Tebow belongs in the CFL? Well, not really; Tannenbaum went on to say that there is a place for Tebow in this league. And he also thinks that Sanchez is doing just fine in New York? What drug is he taking? It just reminds me that the general manager was half the problem in the Big Apple.

I'm getting tired of all the talk about players' ages. If a guy can still perform at a high level (i.e. Wes Welker, Ed Reed) then who cares about their age? Tell me how well they played last year and move on. And stop saying that football is a business; we all know that and are tired of hearing millionaires make excuses. I know the players are just getting what they can, while they can. 'Nuff said.

We can talk all day about who is the best free agent, but the bottom line is that the best player is the one already on your team, doing his job well, and working hard every day. How often do you hear that argument in the discussion?

On the other hand, one player can destroy the chemistry in a locker room and on the field. And often it is the team management that sets the tone for the rest of the organization. Once great teams can become a shadow of what they once were. Just look at the Jets and Raiders as recent examples. In those cases, it's not just a player here and there that will fix the problem.

Just my personal opinion, but I'd like to see the franchise tag eliminated. It just seems like an excuse for a team to hang a player out to dry. They should either work out a contract, trade, or let the player walk away. And while I'm on the subject, rookies should have to earn their contracts- make them heavy on incentives and then work toward guaranteed money after a couple of years. And then when production drops off, so should the money. But that would be too much like the real world.

And finally... I'm going out on a limb and say that Wes Welker is the best receiver in free agency, and quite possibly the best free agent... in terms of his stats and value to the team... his essence may just be irreplaceable.