We are still on the edge of our seats with anticipation of the greatest show on turf, and yet the news is filled with the crazy shenanigans of those who can't keep their feet out of their mouths. If only we could enjoy a few moments of quietude as the prospect of an exciting Super Bowl contest fills our wondering minds. Might we pause and take a minute to contemplate the most important event in the NFL season?

Now what fun would that be?

Instead, we have Shannon Sharpe ripping Bill Belichick for dodging an interview with CBS. Yes, he had sharp criticism for what might be called coach Belichick's usual display of distaste for the media. Perhaps Mr. Sharpe should pay a little better attention, seeing that Peyton Manning did the same thing just a week ago. And John Harbaugh seems to think that Belichick is a very classy guy. To me, it seems like the commentators have their own personal agendas to push.

In case that's not enough, we also have Marshal Faulk who apparently still harbors bitterness over their Super Bowl defeat at the hands of those same Patriots. Can we please just let this cheat/scandal thing go already? All the haters just need to get over themselves.

But the BIG news of the week comes from San Francisco! Yes! At least the league has a better idea of sensitivity to the LGBT community. What is Chris Culliver's problem? Could it be that he, like so many athletes, has no filter? Whatever the reason for his gushing of ignorance, it seems to me his attitude needs to quickly become an example (that was your cue, Mr. Commissioner).

And I sure hope that the Ravens rethink their denial of a retiring cheerleader to participate in the Super Bowl. Perhaps Courtney Lenz should inquire as to how Ray Lewis is encouraged to play, but she is being banned from supporting her team. But then, Ray Lewis can get away with almost anything. Did I say that out loud?

But Colin Kaepernick has some added incentive going into Sunday's game; he has reportedly been offered free food for life from the Red Robin chain of stores. Who could ask for anything more?

Randy Moss apparently can; he wants to be crowned greatest receiver of all time. I think he needs to take a step back and watch some film on himself before he goes ranting too much about that. Randy, you were very good, but not great; not in the sense of Jerry Rice great. Close, but no cigar. Now, Megatron, he has a real shot at that distinction... someday.

I could go on and on, because it seems that there is no end to the ridiculousness of NFL personalities.

Prediction: Harbaugh will win the Super Bowl; well, his team will. Do you think there will be a handshake incident? We do know one thing: Ray Lewis will retire and hopefully calm down (as in- come back down to earth where you were before you announced your retirement and tried to hype your team into a championship frenzy).

Okay, now I feel better.