Why do they say what they say? Do football players just not know what is coming out of their mouths?

I mean, Darrelle Revis gets traded to the Buccaneers and turns right around and says that the Jet's management lied to him about wanting to keep him on the team! Really?

With all of the major moves going on the last few weeks, why does Revis think that he is the only one who fell casualty to "a business decision"? Maybe he missed the Wes Welker and Elvis Dumervil episodes. Surely he has been around long enough to have seen the business side of the NFL prevail over performance and loyalty.

I have been criticized for promoting Tyrann Mathieu as a first round talent, mainly due to his character issues surrounding multiple drug related offenses. Does anybody think that he is the only one with this cloud following his every move? Why is nobody touting this reasoning in conjunction with Da'Rick Rogers?

Alec Ogletree, Keenan Allen, Kiko Alonso, Baccari Rambo... all these guys, and many more, have had run-ins with drugs and/or DUI and yet there are first round implications with several of these names. Sure, there are concerns with any young man who struggles with any level of drug addiction; this is the NFL and nothing but total commitment is the rule here.

But is it any worse than the player who habitually taunts his opponents? I'd call that an attitude problem as well. Are these things enough to derail a career? Sometimes yes, just ask Ricky Williams and Pacman Jones; sometimes no, how about Corey Dillon or Randy Moss?

I say, give them a chance to prove themselves.

In other news:

Is the loss of Revis, and most likely Tebow, the end of the line for Rex Ryan? That's the talk of the town, I just want to know why that isn't a foregone conclusion... after all, "the Jets are liars".

Is this the beginning of the end for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? Yeah, I'm hearing that, too! I mean, really?! The winningest coach/QB combo since the merger and Brady was entrusted with an extension through 2017 and that's a story?

If Jerry Jones wasn't the owner of the Cowboys... as if paying Romo top QB money wasn't bad enough, now he thinks his defense is in good shape?! Is there a drug test for owners?

And what exactly IS going on with the Jet's passing game? I guess they are counting on Sanchez since Tebow is certain to be sent packing and they brought in now perennial back-up David Garrard who has a career average of just under 7 yards per pass attempt. But they are talking about drafting a QB in this dreary QB class. Then again, maybe they will surprise us all and promote Tebow to starter after the praise for his "fixed" throwing motion under QB guru Steve Clarkson. It could happen...

So, what's all this talk about easy versus tough scheduling for the upcoming 2013 season? By definition, the best teams are probably going to play weaker teams more often and vice versa. I get that the path to the playoffs might be different for these 32 teams, but to be the best, eventually, you have to beat the best. Duh!

Isn't this why an undefeated team loses in the Super Bowl while a wild card team has an equal chance of winning it all? In the end, winning on Sunday (or Monday or Thursday or Saturday) means putting the best team on the field, coupled with the best game-plan. Simple mathematics!

Here's some rocket surgery- spend less energy recycling old, washed-up players and draft real talent; then go out and get the best coaches together and create a great game-plan (oh... I said that already!)

Well, that's all for today! What a relief!

Okay... one parting shot... why does anybody think the Patriots are in trouble on the offensive line? In fact, the line, on both sides of the ball, is probably the least needful position on the team after quarterback. We all know it's the defensive secondary that was the weak link last year. Can we all just get over it and admit that drafting anything but DB is a mistake? A receiver would be nice at some point. But, again... it ain't rocket surgery! Fill the biggest need first!

Doug's Digs done.