If anybody thinks that Tom Brady isn't the greatest quarterback ever, then tell me why he is one of the winningest QBs in NFL history, wears three Super Bowl rings, holds most of the records for his position, and still is willing to rework his contract into an extension that benefits the team more than his bank account?

His guaranteed money will now be about 1/3 of that being raked-in by the rest of the "elite" QBs in the league. Sure, the contract is helpful to him in other ways, but we can believe him when he says that it is more important to him to have the team built to win than to have another million in his pocket. His legacy is the team's legacy. He wants to be a winner in the ultimate team sport. That is leadership.

While other teams are dumping star players left and right to try and clear cap space, or get back under the cap, the Patriots are calmly positioning themselves to make yet another championship run. True fans know that this is an organization that does it right.

Now we wait and watch for Wes Welker to do the same thing... take a deal to stay with the team and quarterback who gave him his success. Hopefully, this selfless act rubs off on a few other guys.

But hey, Joe Flacco should be able to land himself a sweet deal. He won't admit it, but he thinks he's elite now, for sure!

Meanwhile... Steven Jackson is being allowed to "walk away" from his contract? What is that? Are the Rams releasing him? Does that make him an unrestricted free agent? I'm confused. Yardbarker indicates he might be able to return to St; Louis if he doesn't like any offers tendered to him. While I think that players are entitled to whatever they can get, this is the epitome of selfish to me. I hope that he gets NO offers and the Rams decide to short change him as well. I think a contract should be just that. Hey, that's my opinion.

And now to the Combine -- you've heard about people tripping over the white line; give Shamarko Thomas a round of applause for showing that finely tuned athletes are no less apt to make fools of themselves than us regular people. At least he ran an impressive 40 yards... that one yard after the line, though... that had to hurt.

And Manti Teo keeps adding to his legacy, doesn't he? A paltry 4.81 in the 40... and now the rumor of his sexual preference? Should we care about it? Is it just hype? It could be imaginary... like his girlfriend! What's your guess on how far this all drops his draft stock? Mine is third round... surely someone will take a chance on him, unless he forgets to show up for pro day next month.

Did you catch Rich Eisen running the 40? Not bad for an old commentator in a suit. His throwing motion is another story- NFL Network should be proud! He was able to outrun Deion Sandcastle in his Combine performance.

Hey! Was that Bill Belichick falling asleep in the stands? Yes it was! Something must be keeping him up late at night...

I agree, though, Kansas City has become the graveyard of back-up quarterbacks. I think that's how they are putting it. Chiefs fans are being set-up for some huge disappointment... again. Alex Smith would have gone anywhere, I'm sure; doesn't matter if its KC or Arizona or Oakland... the list goes on... he is going to die a slow painful... no wait... a quick painful death in that QB black hole.

And the NFL is planning on changing the dates for training camp so that all teams start on the same day... that should really... do nothing... YAWN!

I'm about ready for the season to start. Hopefully the draft will be as much fun as the rest of the off season has been.