by Kennedy Ross

Cold, Hard, Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

The inevitable is finally happening. The New York Jets are falling apart at the seams. Second string Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore put the finishing touches on the Jets journey to the bottom of the AFC East. The Jets have officially moved from NY to PU. 

Nothing funky about the obliteration of the St. Louis Rams by the New England Patriots. The 45-7 beating the Patriots laid on the Rams in London is actually worse when you convert it back over to U.S. points. A well balanced attack left St. Louis completely off balance and over matched.

Here are five things we learned about the AFC East in week 8:

1. The Jets are completely awful. (Dolphins 30 - Jets 9)

We are now at liberty to use the term "completely awful" because the Jets have finally become mediocre at their lone bright spot, special teams. In an unprecedented special teams break down for the Jets, they have a punt and a field goal blocked in the same game. The former led to a Dolphins special teams touchdown. 

Please don't be lead to believe that this is why the Jets lost the game. While it was a contributing factor, the Jets continued their third down futility and turnovers completed the car crash that was the Jets offense.

The Jets were 5-for-17 on third down completions. They rushed for only three first downs. They were 1-for-4 in the red zone. And by half time had amassed just about 100 yards of total offense.

Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is sure becoming a solid quarterback, leading his team to an important victory like this. Oh wait a minute. Tannehill was knocked out of the game when the score was still 3-0 in the first quarter. The Dolphins next 27 points were scored under the mighty control of  . . . . Matt Moore.

Moore only threw for 131 yards and one touchdown. However, he kept putting the Dolphins in position put points on the board, while the defense held up their end of the bargain.

Miami came into the game with the number one ranking on our Defensive Hog Index. Although the Jets rushed for 105 yards as a team, most of it came in garbage time and made no impact on the scoreboard. 

Sanchez threw 54 times and completed 28 passes for 283 yards. That's a measly 5.2 yards per attempt. Once again, the Dolphins defense made sure that all that yardage didn't affect the score. The Jets futility affected a bunch of other things, that's for sure.

2. Blimey, Thomas certainly throttled those blokes. (Patriots 45 - Rams 7)

How lucky the British are to see a thorough executions of excellence on a football field. Not soccer mind you, but football. When you score at least one touchdown in every quarter of a football game, and on your first five possessions, you boost your chances of winning by a substantial amount. 

Through the air, the Patriots were virtually unstoppable. Tom Brady completed 23 of 35 passes for 304 yards and four touchdowns. Brady's big boy toy, tight end Rob Gronkowski, lit up the Rams defense with 146 receiving yards and two touchdowns. 

Patriots fans have been waiting for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd to become a factor on the team. He only caught two passes, but they were both for touchdowns. That pretty much sounds like a substantial contribution. 

The Patriots newest weapon, the running game, was on point yet again. Still one of the surprises of the season, the Patriots running game is number one on our Offensive Hog Index. They backed up that ranking with 152 yards on the ground, led by running back Stevan Ridley with 127 of those yards.

The Patriot defense, usually a liability, put in some work today. The Rams two biggest offensive weapons were held in check. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford threw for 208 yards with only one touchdown and an interception. And running back Stephen Jackson was held to a season low 23 rushing yards.

With this stellar performance and 473 yards of offense, the Patriots break yet another record. This was the 17th straight game that the Patriots put up at least 350 yards of offense. They broke the record held by the Rams, led by Kurt Warner and the "Greatest Show On Turf". That's gotta be worth a couple hundred pounds or so.

3. Dolphins put themselves in an especially good position.

With three straight victories, the Dolphins are now in second place in the AFC East. When the day started the East was bunched up with everyone on equal footing, at least as far as the standings go. However, the truth about teams start to emerge as the season carries on. The Dolphins seem to be the truth.

The defense has been the pillar of their success with the ninth ranked Defensive Passer Rating and Defensive Real Quarterback Rating to go along with their stout run defense. 

The offense is steady enough for the second string quarterback to come in and not just hold the fort down, but put up points and make the other team earn a win. If Tannehill's injury isn't serious they will be in good shape for a fourth straight win against the Colts next week.

They have four more games against elite teams in the league. If they can steal just one of them and win the rest, they will walk right into a wild card spot in the playoffs. 

4. It's Tebow(s) time to find another team.

We all remember every Jet with a microphone in front of them, swearing to the football Gods that Tim Tebow and the wildcat will be an unstoppable force. They were so sure they had a weapon of mass production that they chuckled after every abysmal loss they conjured up in the preseason.

Once the season started, the Jets kept shaking the Magic Eight Ball for an excuse whenever they were asked why Tebow had virtually no participation in game after regular season game. First they were too far ahead. Then they were too far behind. Then they were too many Virgo's on the field, and on and on.

By halftime of today's game the Jets had no points and were down by 20. Sanchez and the offense were putridly inept. And they were down by 24 points. Sounds like Tebow time. After all, he is the BACK UP QUARTERBACK.

What became abundantly clear today was that the Jets have no offense that Tebow can run. As the back up quarterback, if something happens to Mark Sanchez, Tebow has to take over for anywhere from a series to the rest of the year. If that is the case, he would have to have a substantial package of plays for his skill set already in place. 

However, they have Tebow run the same three or four plays whenever they foolishly have him come in. Usually it's a pointless run up the middle on first down. If they have an offense set up for Tebow, they would use more than three plays when he comes in. 

This is a clear indication that:

  • The Jets have no plays for Tebow
  • The never intended on him taking over for Sanchez
  • They only brought him to the Jets as a headline machine
  • If anything ever happened to Sanchez, McElroy would take over and the Jets would be exposed for the frauds they are.

Give it time. Sanchez gets sacked enough that this theory will be tested before long. Either way, don't drink any milk during the Jets games because it will be coming out of your nose. 

5. Now that the smoke has cleared . . .

 . . . Jets players talked a whole bunch leading up to this Dolphin game. They must have been trying to score and tackle with their mouths as well.

 . . . Former Jet and recovering quadriplegic Dennis Byrd spoke to the team before the game. Considering the results, Byrds time would have been better spent trying to dodge traffic on I-95.

 . . . Gronkowski's Nutcracker touchdown dance proves to the British that Americans are cultured after all.