Jason Taylor made his return to the Miami Dolphins on Tuesday, but don’t expect the former defensive standout to put on shoulder pads any time soon. Taylor was at the team’s OTA to help assist and lend a hand to the coaching staff.

Taylor spent practice around the Dolphins defensive linemen, observing and passing along some of the knowledge he gained during his illustrious NFL career.

Head Coach Joe Philbin explained that Taylor was working on a daily basis as a volunteer.

“I told him at our 7 o’clock staff meeting, I don’t think he really knew what he was signing up for,” Philbin said with a smile on miamidolphins.com. “I think he’s going to be around a lot in the OTAs. He’s approached us about working with the defensive linemen. I don’t know that there could be a better mentor for our young players than Jason Taylor. He’s energetic and enthusiastic about helping out and contributing.”

While Taylor hung up his pads in 2011, he was a mentor to Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake in his final year with the team.

On Monday, it was time for young players like 2013 first-round pick Dion Jordan to benefit from Taylor’s knowledge.

“It’s wonderful,” Jordan said. “Just his presence alone I feel like it’s a benefit to this team because not only was he a great player, he’s a great person. He’s dropping a lot of knowledge. He’s going to be in there watching film and working with us out here, so I’m going to pick his brain.”

“The Spread” comes to Miami

The work new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor did in Philadelphia will soon pay off. The Dolphins offense will look a bit like the one the Eagles use under head coach Chip Kelly.

According to Chris Wesseling and NFL.com, although Kelly runs primarily a spread offense, Lazor is also implementing some aspects of Holmgren's system.

"There are some West Coast offense concepts," the player added. "Some shotgun, some under center. They've discussed having both no-huddle and huddle. It's fast tempo."

The role of the fullback will give way to more two-tight-end sets and an occasional H-back, a position which first gained notice under Gibbs in the 1980s.

Lazor's up-tempo scheme is excellent news for quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide receiver Mike Wallace. Lazor is widely credited for the 2013 emergence of signal-caller Nick Foles, who led the NFL in passer rating after taking over for Michael Vick in October.

The Dolphins will use their core of receivers to mimic the Eagles offense and use the legs of Knowshon Moreno to play part of the role of LeSean McCoy in the backfield. If quarterback Ryan Tannehill can cut down on fumbles and allow his line to block for him, the offense will be more explosive than in years past under former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.