First I want to say that I’m happy for Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens for their Super Bowl victory and for both sides coming to terms on a long-term deal. I’m a big fan for players getting paid and receiving the contract that they’ve worked hard for. But I’ve been thinking real hard lately if the Ravens made a big mistake giving Flacco that kind of money and making him the highest paid player ever.

I witnessed something special this past playoff season as Joe Flacco was on a mission to win his first Super Bowl and to prove his critics that he’s a top QB in the league. He did just that by taking out the San Francisco 49ers while sending Ray Lewis home a champion again.

We all know that when a player is in his contract year he tends to turn up the heat and plays much better to get paid the big bucks. Joe Flacco had that contract on his mind the whole season and playoffs and now we can see it served him well.

Sure, what Flacco did was special and it seemed he was destined to take his team to the Promised Land, but I think that the Baltimore Ravens definitely overpaid. Flacco will average $20 million a season for the next six years. I just don’t agree that he’s that type of quarterback to make that kind of money. It might be just me on this one.

I understand that he won a Super Bowl for a franchise that hasn’t won since 2000. But I just feel that there was desperation on the Ravens side to lock him up long-term. Joe Flacco had a good regular season but nothing to fall out of your chair for. He threw for 22 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Good numbers but I can give you 120 million reasons this contract is outrageous.

So players out there, if you want a super contract go win a Super Bowl in Baltimore and they’ll pay top dollar!

Flacco even went on record to say that his contract had nothing to do with his Super Bowl win and I say to that you’re totally incorrect. That contract had 90% to do with that. If he didn’t take the Baltimore Ravens far in the playoffs they would’ve still signed him long-term but nowhere to that price.

Let’s be honest, before last season Joe Flacco was considered just an average to good quarterback but not in the elite class of the Tom Brady’s of the world. We just have to wait and see if he can live up to that gigantic contract and win another Super Bowl. What do you think about the contract?