Dishonorable Mention: The Worst Fans in NFL

By Shawn Kopf
December 31, 2011 4:38 pm
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It’s hard to put in to words what a “Worst Fan” entails. Is it that they have a passion for their team like no other? Is it that they turn their backs on their NFL franchise as soon as the first thing goes wrong? This is a very difficult list to create, all things considered, and I wrapped it up in to a top five of the worst fans the NFL has to offer (number one being the absolute worst.)
5. Dallas Cowboys
With an arrogant owner, a cocky logo, and, probably, the fairest weather fans in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys come in at number five. They call themselves “America’s Team” when they are far from it. Tom Landry brought them to glory, Jimmy Johnson maintained it, and they haven’t done much since, which has fans calling for…well…whom ever head that they want to chop off that week. Could be Coach Jason Garrett, could be QB Tony Romo, or it could be the make a wish kid that came on the field during halftime that fans thought “jinxed” them during for the second half, okay, the last one didn’t actually happen but you get my point. If Jerry Jones built the first Cowboys Stadium so “God can watch his favorite team play,” the Big Man himself probably stopped watching after the second quarter of most games if he were an actual Cowboys fan.
4. New Orleans Saints
It is amazing how many “fans” there were after their historic run to the Super Bowl in 2009. But remember, four years ago they were dubbed the “Aints” on their way to a 3-13 record. Paper bags were more prevalent in the Superdome in the 2000’s than Ricky Williams’s jerseys. With 2005 came the worst natural disaster to ever hit New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. With much damage to the entire state of Louisiana, including the home to the Saints, people did not have much of an optimistic look towards anything. But with government issued debit cards handed out to the good people of New Orleans to help them restart their lives post-Katrina, came purchases of jet skis, vacations, and New Orleans Saints season tickets…wait…what?
3. San Diego Chargers
Remember the Mud Bowl? The Ice Bowl? Well those games were no where near the city of San Diego. With weather forecasts of 85 and sunny 364 days out of the year it’s hard to believe football is played here. The last time they went to the Super Bowl was 1994 when the Niners handed them their butts. Since then their have been some signs of life, but overall mediocrity has taken over this franchise. With the funding not coming for a new stadium and their fans not really caring whether they keep their team or not, this team could be on the move in the coming years. This is a fan base that probably still believes Norv Turner is a good coach and that they had every reason to fire Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season. But with beautiful beaches and weather everywhere who would care about professional football?
2. Philadelphia Eagles
Seeing how the old Veterans Stadium used to have a jail cell in its quarters, the top two were a no brainer. Eagles’ fans, all sports fans in the city of Philadelphia for that matter, have a history of being rowdy and out right mean. This is the fan base that booed their drafting of their franchise quarterback in 1999, booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus in 1968, and anything other than a Super Bowl victory, which they have never had, is cause for uproar. I don’t even want to hear what Philly fans are saying about their team this year. But I am sure a majority are switching over to the black and gold that the team in western Pennsylvania wears.
1. Cleveland Browns
How many past times of football fandom have been affected by Browns fans today? Let’s take a look: plastic beer bottles were banned in 2002 because a last second overturned call put a loss on the Browns record thus leading to fans pelting the referees with said bottles. Beer sales are supposed to come to a halt after the third quarter of day games, and after halftime of night games. People can only purchase two beers per transaction at a time. Why does this all sound so familiar? Because every stadium across the country has implemented these rules. Even Anheuser Busch went from making plastic bottles to aluminum cans with twist off tops that look like a bottle, but aren’t. The Dawg Pound, granted Chad Ocho Cinco should not have dared to jump in it, poured beer on the Cincinnati Wide Receiver after an end zone celebration. These fans might be the most passionate in the NFL but their level of decorum during football season drops off to unspeakable levels.
Honorable Mentions:
Oakland Raiders: Their fans are ones I would never talk bad about.
Arizona Cardinals: The majority of people in the state of Arizona are Dallas Cowboy ticket holders.
Atlanta Falcons: Hard to have a pro franchise in SEC country.
Detroit Lions: Remember when they were 0-16? So does everyone in Detroit.

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By Shawn Kopf
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3 years ago
I think you did a pretty good job with a general "Worst fan" topic. I think Philly and Brown fans are very passionate, but like you said at times they do get obnoxious and throw things.

I guess I would classify worst fan as someone who doesn't care or watch, so I would have put Cardinals, Jaguars, or Bengals fans ahead of Eagles and Browns.

The Jags never sellout and the Bengals are having a hard time selling out a game that if they win, they go to the playoffs.
3 years ago
You are going back 10 years to an incident at a Browns game and that makes them the worst fans today? How about a fan base that continually supports their team even though the team always sucks. Yeah, they are definitely the worst fans. You don't have a clue.
3 years ago

I agree. Browns fans are great fans--we're there no matter how bad or good the team is! The worst fans in the NFL are fans who don't care whether the team wins or loses, who come late and leave early, and who only come to the games when the teams are doing well. I disagree vehemently with the inclusion of the Browns on this list.
3 years ago
Hm... Niners?
3 years ago
What about the Raiders fan?
22 months ago
The Saints as a "bad" fan base? The "ain'ts" from the 2000's? Dude... seriously, there is Google to research your work with. The "aints' were awful teams in the 1980's. That's where the picture of the bag heads came from. Secondly the Saints were selling out a HUGE stadium for years while they had mediocre teams. The Non sell out games, ( if you'd LOOK) were because they sold 65,000 tickets in a stadium that holds 70 plus thousand. The fan base of the Saints is now and has always been solid. Your "attack" is laughable, as it just shows very, VERY poor " journalism" if you could call it that on your part. Katrina happened EIGHT years ago, I seriously doubt ANYONE still has a debit card from then.... jesus... what a moron...
8 months ago
Colts are the worst. I've been to plenty of cities and twice at Indy they booed when a player was taken off on a stretcher. (Last being Dez Bryant). You don"t see that in Dallas, GB, Pitt or NE and SF.

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