Dion LewisThe Browns have a feature back in Trent Richardson, but they now also have a reliable 3rd down or backup in running back Dion Lewis. 

Lewis shined in the screen game and showed some amazing dance moves before locking out his would be defender and heading in for the touchdown.
Head coach Rob "Chud" Chudzinski made certain to note that Lewis' production didn't go unnoticed. 

Chudzinski said, “I think I’m just learning. He’s a guy that we haven’t seen a lot. Running backs really tend to show more when the pads come on. You see their running skills and the blocking schemes develop a little bit better. Like you saw today, with pads on it’s a lot different. We will continue to look at him as well as all of those guys. We will put them in situations so they can show what they can do.”

The Browns have a good mix of depth from the backfield, but with Hardesty once again battling an injury, perhaps the time has come for the Browns to look for a different back to run the ball on 3rd down or when Richardson needs a break. He has earned at least a backup role entering the preseason.

Chudzinski added on the use of the screen game:

“It was something that was in our installation today. After a few days, we get those guys rushing up the field so much. Screens have always been something that Norv has really excelled, teams that Norv has coached. I have been fortunate to be around Norv and learn a thing or two about screens.”

Lewis was obtained during the offseason in a trade for linebacker Emmanuel Acho.