Details continue to emerge surrounding the recent arrest of Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.  A warrant issued Saturday evening led to Bryant voluntarily turning himself in to DeSoto Police on misdemeanor charges of domestic assault. 

Newest reports indicate Angela Bryant, the third-year receiver's mother, was the victim of a violent attack leading to the arrest.  The incident reportedly occurred Saturday afternoon at her residence south of Dallas.  Bryant's mother appeared to have noticeable swelling and bruising around her left thumb when officials arrived on the scene and placed a 911 call to police, indicating an assault taking place.

After this latest issue for No. 88, comparisons to Michael Irvin are seemingly inevitable and can at first look easy.  Irvin, a notorious substance abuser, womanizer, and off the field problem, made his fair share of bad decisions during his time with Dallas, but there's key fundamental differences between these two '88's on and off the field.

Bryant's been in the league two seasons and is still having difficulties memorizing the playbook.  Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo visibly gave route assignments to Bryant in several games last season and rarely looked his direction in the second half when things matter most. 

If there's one thing that Aikman knew for certain about his No. 88, it's that he knew where to be.  Irvin put in longer days at Valley Ranch than any receiver, perfecting his route running.  Irvin took his game seriously from his first day in the league, a far cry from the lazy effort put forth by Dez Bryant since the Cowboys selected him with a 24th overall pick in the 2010 draft.

Irvin's issues primarily occurred after the Cowboys won two Super Bowls and he was at the top of his game. The legendary Cowboys receiver was more on a power-trip of excess and entitlement than an early streak of immaturity and stupidity.  Bryant hasn't put in the work to get as many free passes as Irvin, despite his raw physical talent, and he's not the emotional leader that Irvin was for those Cowboys.

The Irvin and Bryant comparisons will probably continue until Bryant is out of the league or run out of Dallas in a fashion similar to Pac-Man Jones or even Terrell Owens, despite him not having any brushes with the law.  The Cowboys have actively sought to rid this team of distractions under Jason Garrett and that's exactly what Bryant is becoming too early in his career.  With Irvin, these distractions happened over time and he simply earned that right.  It looks like it is already too late for Bryant to live up to Irvin.