In a game that ended in either a bad play call or a huge misunderstanding on the field, the Titans walked away victorious for the first time in the 2012 season.

Jake Locker, welcome to the NFL.  After a disappointing first two games and hearing some whispers about Matt Hasselbeck taking over his job, Jake locker went out and showed that he certainly has the potential to be everything the Titans were hoping for when they drafted him in the first round last year. 

Jake's line looked like this: 29 of 42 passes completed for 378 yards 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.  He also showed his athleticism with 35 rushing yards on 4 attempts including the beautiful 31 yard rush.  The Titans hope Locker can use this game as a building block towards a bright future in the NFL.

Chris Johnson may be slowly playing his way out of a job in Tennessee.  The overpaid running back continues to struggle rushing for only 24 yards on 14 attempts and those numbers could have looked even worse if it was not for the 13 yard rush that he had in the game.  The Titans are going to have to start thinking of ways to get him going or looking elsewhere for production from the running back spot.

Calvin Johnson is the best wide receiver in the league.  Megatron had another monstrous day reeling in 10 catches for 164 yards and a touchdown.  The Lions have the definition of the word superstar lining up for them every week,

Jim Schwartz is going to have a long week if he watches ESPN, NFL Network or reads any kind of newspaper or web article.  Letting the back up QB Shaun Hill go for the QB sneak on the last play of the game was a very unwise decisions when you have a very good place kicker in Jason Hanson.

The Lions and Titans both need defensive upgrades.  The teams gave up a combined 85 points and that is just not acceptable.  If either team would like to end up with a winning record at the end of the season they need to look themselves in the mirror and find out how to stop the opposing team from scoring.

With eight teams now 1-2 as of this publication, and the Titans' schedule starting to ease up after the next few games, they could put together a streak and wind up with a wild card.

Compared to the NFC, the AFC looks to be the weaker conference and there are a lot of teams that have a shot at the playoffs, the Titans included.  That being said they will need to stiffen up their defense and find some reminisce of a running game if they want a shot.