Vernon DavisBefore the opening kickoff Sunday night at Candlestick Park, head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz met on the gridiron for first time since 49ers' (2-0) 25-19 comeback win in Motor City over the Lions' (1-1) week six last season.

There was no cheek-kiss, no high-five, not even a fist-bump between the two.

That was the plan. It was a cordial, light-hearted handshake with what appeared to be kind words - just what was expected.

This game was about football.

The Detroit Lions started off the season with a late-game win against the St. Louis Rams in Week 1, reminiscent of their 5-0 start last season where they boasted multiple late-game comebacks.

In 2011, San Francisco handed Detroit their first loss. In 2012, they resumed their position as the leader of this newly-born rivalry.

The 49ers have taken a leg up on the Lions since last year.

From start to finish, San Francisco dominated their high-flying opponents.

The 49ers truly define the term TEAM. They are so balanced and prepared, it's hard not to look at them as a unit. But there were definitely standouts.


Alex Smith and Vernon Davis - Batman and Robin.

This tandem is going to be special in the league for years to come. Together, they create the "11-85 Connection" as tight end Davis describes it.

Davis did have a few drops, but when the 49ers are looking to score, there is one player Smith looks to.

That player is Vernon Davis. The Dark Knight's red-zone Robin.

They connected for San Francisco's two passing scores, torching the Lions' secondary.

Davis caught five catches for 73 yards on the night.

Smith continued his interception-less trend, now sitting with 216 passes thrown without a pick. He finished the game with 226 yards, completing 20-of-31 passes.

He is showing that he is a dangerous threat in the pass game without the risk-factor seen from top quarterbacks. Don't sleep on Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and the 49ers. San Francisco's quarterback is, as Harbaugh described him after the game, "as tough as a two-dollar steak."


Calvin Johnson - Megatron.

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson is tackled in a loss to the 49ers. 9.16.12

At about 6'5", 236 pounds, Johnson is just plain scary on the field for any defense.

But in two games against the 49ers in two years, Megatron has zero touchdowns.

With eight receptions for 94 yards Sunday night, he still made an impact.

That's no surprise. With that size, speed, and talent, he is going to get his yards. Teams accept that.

The key is stopping the big Calvin Johnson bomb that can demoralize a defense and change the momentum of a ball-game.

The main goal is to keep that beast out of the end zone.

If the 49ers were going to lose this game, they were going to make sure it wasn't because of the Lions' not-so secret weapon.

They stopped him. There are no two ways about it. They kept him in front of the defense and never let up.

Johnson will be the first to tell you, he needs to be more of a factor for this team to win. He must find the end zone, something he has yet to accomplish this season.


The Lions look like a wild card team with potential. However, their defense is starting to look like a weakness. Matthew Stafford and the offense will find their rhythm as the season progresses.

The 49ers are playing like a Super Bowl team. With Alex Smith and Vernon Davis leading the offense behind a suddenly sturdy offensive line, they are showing no signs of slowing down.