StaleyLiteracy is apparently not a requirement to play for San Francisco.

Either that, or the 49ers have a vastly over-inflated view of their accomplishment on Sunday night.

To be fair, the Detroit Lions came in and were forced to play San Franciso's style of football. The 49ers played better. They took advantage of their opportunities. They won the game.

Since the final seconds ticked off the clock, however, San Francisco players have been screaming to the nation about how they 'dominated' the Lions. They are the best team in the NFL because they 'dominated the Lions.'

Sorry, San Diego. Your 28 point blow-out of the Titans was nice, but how can it possibly compare to the 27-19 destruction of the Lions?

Seattle? Houston? You both better hang your heads and try again, too.

In order to be clear, for those who may not understand (the 49ers), the word 'dominant' is usually accompanied by other words, like 'blow-out' and phrases like 'running up the score.' In order to get the label 'blow-out,' people usually require you win by more than one score. You didn't.

Is there any way you can consider a game 'dominant' without having a blow-out?

Absolutely. You become dominant by taking over a facet of the game and excelling at it so greatly, it earns the label. Joe Staley made this claim to the media. Did San Francisco dominate any facet of the game?

Joe Staley claims San Francisco's offense was unstoppable. Apparently, 'unstoppable' for Joe Staley means 349 yards.

Not 649, or 549, or even 449.

Detroit was only able to squeeze out 296 yards. San Francisco soared with an incredible 55 yards more. WOW!! A whole 55 yards.

San Francisco held Detroit to a three-and-out exactly once.

Drives of ten plays or more: 49ers: 3/ Detroit: 3

Time of possession: 30:26/29:34

Turn-overs: 1/1

3rd down conversions: Detroit: 40%/ San Francisco: 36%

You can't even make the claim Detroit accumulated a bunch of garbage yards at the end of the game. The last three drives for each team ended the same. (field goal, field goal, touchdown)

Both teams played aggressively. Both teams took cheap shots, despite what the 49ers would have you believe. At the end, neither team could stop the other until they got into field goal range.

San Francisco is a strong, well-coached football team. They played a good game and they won.

But that performance was not dominant. And every time they claim it was, they spit on the teams that dominated their games.