Michael Vick and his Philly teammates are likely going to think about this one for quite a while. They had this game WON. In its own way, a win today could have made a statement of real-ness to non-believers of the National Football League.

A 4-2 record despite what, TWELVE turnovers directly attributed to Vick in just six games? How incredible!

A share of first place in the NFC East division despite having an offensive line incapable of protecting Fort Knox? You're kidding, right?

Yes. Yes I am. The Detroit Lions Beat the Philadelphia Eagles today, 26-23, in overtime.

And We Can Take The Following Lessons Away From This Game:

1.  Detroit's 'Dynamic Duo', quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson decided they would save the Lions' season.

It was as if some untapped mystical force had suddenly awakened these two on the sidelines early in the fourth quarter. Suddenly, Stafford snapped out of having his worst game as a pro and remembered the weapon known as 'Megatron' sharing the huddle with him. The final 15 minutes of the game saw Stafford and Johnson burn the Eagles for 311 yards and two scores.

2. Even Vick's biggest critics (such as myself) cringed at some of the hits he absorbed in this game.

Seeing the punishment that his offensive line allows him to take from week to week, is Michael Vick the one being taken out for steak dinners after the game?

3. Andy Reid seems to forget how to coach in games like this.

Early in the game I watched (in mild horror) the Eagles attempt some version of an option play (I think?) which ended up with DeSean Jackson taking a pitch then ultimately losing 12 yards trying to run his way out of the trouble he'd gotten into. Then Reid calls some conventional plays, run plays, medium pass plays and the Eagles find themselves up by ten. Then, caution gets thrown to the wind, allowing Detroit back in the game off two Vick turnovers.

4. BOTH of these teams deserve to MISS THE PLAYOFFS.

Michael Vick cannot stop throwing picks, fumbling, getting sacked and basically begging each team to beat him each week.  And Detroit, usually known for it's bad offense, became known for extremely sloppy play by committing 16 penalties.

5. The Philadelphia Eagles should thanks their lucky stars to EVEN BE 3-3 right now.

Philadelphia has been playing the same game over and over, every week this year. Vick has some good, even great, plays. Then he throws a pick. Or fumbles the ball. Or, like he did today, Vick watches the snap just sail right on by his face.

The roof's burning in Philadelphia and it's only a matter of time before it crashes down on the entire team, costing Andy Reid and Michael Vick their jobs. And WHEN they both lose their jobs, they'll have a hard time finding pity from anybody.