Overrate: to appraise at a higher value than actual placement in a ranking or grading system.

Some people have apparently forgotten the meaning of the word. There it is. Always happy to help.

Recently, there has been a wave of people who have looked back on Ndamukong Suh's season last year and have dubbed him the most overrated player in football.

While last season was littered with disappointing moments, do you honestly believe that the man is that overrated?

First, until the NFL starts ranking personal-foul-efficiency or arrests-per-season as quality stats, they have no place in this argument. If you want to make an argument for worst-personality or greatest-locker-room-distraction fine. But you cannot overrate someone on something they are not rated on in the first place. 

That leaves the play on the field.

Last season, Ndamukong Suh's sophomore season in the league, he slumped. There is no getting around it. It happens to a great many players in this league and he was a victim as well.

But let's be clear. He slumped all the way down to a really good defensive tackle in the league. The year before, arguments were made that he could possibly be the best in football.

Everyone needs to remember that he is a defensive tackle. The fact that he got double digit sack totals in 2010 was insane. In 2011, the sack leaders for DTs were Justin Smith, Tommy Kelly, and Geno Atkins with 7.5 each. Suh's 4 sacks put him in the cluster of top 15 for the league. 

The argument is similar for tackles. His totals for tackles put him in the top 25 for DTs in the league. Interestingly, it should be noted that he is in the company of Cliff Avril and Julius Peppers. Does anyone want to argue that they are overrated as well? Both of those players have more sacks, but then again, they are both defensive ends. They are supposed to have more sacks.

Not all defensive linemen are created equal.

Defensive ends line up in a variety of different locations and attempt to get to the quarterback by running around the outside of the pocket. A defensive tackle has to go through the middle of the line to get to the quarterback. Defensive ends have it much easier.

As a result, when you look at the sack totals, you see the top of the list littered with defensive ends. Those players with 13,14,15 sacks on the defensive line are all defensive ends. For a defensive tackle to get double digit sacks in today's NFL is almost unheard of.

So Suh had a rookie season where his stats were off the charts then he had a follow up season where his stats sank to only really good. 

How exactly does this translate to being most overrated? When you use the words "most overrated", aren't you also looking for the phrase "potential bust" in the conversation somewhere? Is anyone willing to make that claim? "Overrated" also assumes that the numbers from last year were more reflective of a coming collapse.

It basically declares that the original numbers from his rookie season were all a smoke screen and that not only will he never sniff them again, but he never should have in the first place. Does anyone want to take that bet?   

Most articles that have been written on Ndamukong Suh (having to do with actual play on the field) speak of him as a man that you plan for. He is someone you have to account for, even fear. There is discussion about how to get into his head and how to throw him off his game. These are not discussions you have about overrated players.

So if you want to have arguments about people you hate, or cancerous players, or jerks, or people who most need to grow up, have at it.

But "most overrated???" C'mon Man!!!