Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson is a football player of class and quiet dignity.

He doesn't involve himself in yelling, screaming, or fanfare. He just walks out and demonstrates week in and week out why he is among the best wide receivers in football. His accolades are being noticed by others, so much so that he is among the finalists to grace the cover of the next release of Madden NFL.

Such consideration is high praise, especially considering that the decision is being reached through fan voting. Detroit has waited a long time for recognition and respect from the outside world. They have not had a player as deserving since Barry Sanders.

So Calvin, now is the time to relish the moment and appreciate the respect of admiring fans...

And if you can, perhaps, think of something inflammatory to say, now is the time for that too.

It doesn't have to be something horribly imflammatory. We're not looking for something bigotted or racist or sexist. That would be far beneath your character. We're looking for something just offensive enough to get 51% of the voting public to vote against you.

It is a sign of weakness and cowardly desperation to be concerned with something as silly as superstitions. We wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment and would love to discuss it with you while considering your three and four-touchdown games for the upcoming season. However, the list of people receiving the final prize from EA Sports is long and the trailing list of injuries in the seasons that follow is even longer.

Some of the injuries are rather average for football players. Others are positively puzzling. Followers really don't care. Detroit Lions fans would prefer not to wonder whether it will be a blown-out ACL or falling piano outside of Ford Field that brings Calvin Johnson's season to an abrupt and devastating end. We are desperately hoping we don't have to. While gracing the cover of Madden NFL may be a remarkable privilege, it's one we are rather hoping he doesn't receive.

So to all the football fans around the nation, there are two things you need to know:

1) Calvin Johnson is truly a great talent and undoubtedly appreciates the admiration of fans around the country, but it is time to stop voting for him.

2) While we are wishing season-ending slumps on people, is it unethical to mention Aaron Rogers had a really good year last year. Isn't he wonderful? He needs more votes. Yes, Aaron Rogers. Remember, pick Aaron Rogers. Please, oh please, oh please...